RMA Terms

Obtaining a Return Material Authorization (RMA)

If you are having problems with your Xsens MTi product, the first step should be to contact our technical support website https://base.xsens.com/ to help you troubleshoot your issue. If that does not resolve your issue to your satisfaction, you may request a RMA for repair service or product replacement. To have the best understanding of the root cause of your product failure procedure we always request a recorded MTB file for each Xsens product. In most cases we are able to diagnose the exact issue from a distance, predict possible costs and possibly prevent them. With a recorded MTB file we can see all the sensor data and internal status.
To start an RMA request process, please send the MTB file and your RMA request to support@xsens.com.
Please note that the MTB recording should be made in Normal mode and as Preset: XDA Processing. Additional instructions can be found on https://base.xsens.com/s/article/Recording-a-MTB-file-with-XDA-Processing.

Accepting RMA Terms

When an RMA is issued, you are requested to ship the product within two (2) weeks, otherwise the RMA is closed. By sending in an Xsens product under RMA you agree with these RMA Terms in this document.

Shipping costs

Customer shall be responsible for shipping costs to Xsens.

Client is responsible for arranging all documents/licenses required in clients country for temporary exporting the sensor and the import duties and taxes at the time of re-import.

Misuse Exceptions

The warranty on hardware devices shall be null and void if the product has been subject to unauthorized modification, misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, alteration or neglect in use, storage transportation or if the serial number and/or other markings have been defaced, removed or altered, as is determined by Xsens at its sole discretion.

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

If after diagnosing the product is considered Dead On Arrival (DOA) within the first thirty (30) days from date of delivery to customer, an expedited replacement of the affected product will be shipped at the expense of Xsens.

Service under Warranty

MTi products that are out of specification will be repaired, recalibrated or replaced free of charge if within the warranty period.

If after diagnosing the product it is deemed to be unrepairable and warranty applies, a replacement product, either remanufactured or new, will be shipped at the expense of Xsens. Firmware will be updated to the latest version prior to analysis and/or repair. On all hardware repair Xsens will give a 6-month warranty. Xsens shall bear the costs of delivery and insurance of any repaired or replacement product from Xsens to the customer. If a product under warranty shows clear signs of misuse, as described in these RMA Terms, the warranty is considered to be void and the Service outside of Warranty is applicable.

Service outside of Warranty

Hardware devices returned for repair outside of warranty (either expired or void), shall be subject to a flat rate fee of € 100 for handling and € 100 for diagnoses.



If the unit could not be repaired, it will be scrapped and not be send back to you.

Replacement offer

In case the warranty is expired (or void) and the material cannot be repaired or if it is not economically feasible to repair according to Xsens judgment, you can contact Xsens for a replacement offer within two (2) weeks of notification date. This usually means that we do not charge the Handling and Diagnoses costs when a new sensor is purchased at the original conditions. This replacement offer is valid for thirty (30) days from the quotation