Here you can find all the latest software downloads for our motion capture and MTi products. If you need older versions of our software please go to the support platform BASE


Xsens MVN

Download MVN Animate

Download MVN Analyze 


MTw Awinda

Download MT Software Suite

MTi Products

Download MT Software Suite

Beta Software

Xsens MVN

MTw Awinda

Download MT software Beta 

MTi Products



Xsens invites you to become a tester
of pre-release versions.

This in-development version of MVN/MTSS
may be unstable and contain bugs.
Users acknowledge and agree that Xsens
offers software “as is” without warranty of any kind.
Xsens shall have no obligation
to maintain, correct, update, change, modify or otherwise support the software in beta testing.

Your valuable feedback will help us
to create the best software possible.

Plugins, Integrations and Sychronizations

MVN plug-ins

Maya plugin

Maya plug-in Manual

MotionBuilder plugin

MotionBuilder plug-in Manual

Tools and Firmware


Remote Update System – RUS utility

Rehosting a license key

Sentinel HASP/LDK

Windows GUI Run-time Installer.
Needs to be installed when using Network Licensing.

Developer toolkit

The MVN Studio Developer Toolkit consists of tools to
develop integrations of MVN data into 3rd party applications.



Download Firmware Updater