23 April 2021

Mocap Content Creators Conference


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Join our global community for the first Mocap Content Creators Conference (MCCC). Hear from an esteemed line up of speakers providing exclusive insights into how they are using Xsens next generation motion capture to bring to life compelling content for (virtual) productions.

Bringing years of experience from across the entire production industry, you'll get first hand insights from pioneering video content creators CodeMiko, Corridor Digital, Eric Bear and Cory Strassburger!

Empowering small and large studios to realize their creative ideas is what we do best - providing accurate motion capture, cloud services and flexible pricing for every kind of production. Don't miss the opportunity to join the MCCC to hear our speakers dive into the insights and best practice tips, including perfecting your creative process, enabling Xsens inside the Unreal Engine, and more.


The conference took place on April, 23, but you can register and we will send you the session recordings.  


April 23

Welcome & Introduction

Christopher Adamson Account Executive at Xsens

Opening of the MCCC. Chris will explain how to customize your Xsens mocap package and tailor it to your individual needs, budget and requirements. This flexibility opens up new opportunities for video content creators such as our speakers.


How to become a vTuber

CodeMiko Virtual-tuber (vTuber)

CodeMiko is a virtual-tuber (vTuber) pioneer who live-animates a 3D avatar using motion-tracking technology to conduct celebrity interviews, host game shows, and welcome fans into her immersive world via industry-leading chat interactivity.

In this session CodeMiko and Allison Rossi (Xsens) will give insights in:

- How to link Code Miko with Xsens
- How to link Xsens with Unreal through live link
- Best practices for getting Xsens to work inside the Unreal Engine

This session will include a live Q&A.


One artists process for creating cinematic character content

Cory Strassburger 3D Artist

Cory's career began in VFX for tv & film then expanded into AR, VR then VR gaming where he fell in love with creating characters and story worlds and bringing them to life using motion capture and realtime technologies.

In this session, Cory will walk through key points of the process for making his Starwars shorts. With a special focus on how mocap plays an important role in the creative and creation process.

This session will include a live Q&A.


How Corridor Digital creates their viral videos

Samuel Gorski Co-Founder and Creative Director at Corridor Digital

Corridor Digital is an independent creative studio with over 2 billion worldwide video views, 15 million subscribers, and average monthly viewership of 70 million. We create visual art that pushes the boundaries of what technology can achieve.

In this session, Samuel Gorski will demonstrate how they do VFX production of their viral videos. One of the Corridor Crew members will be in the Xsens mocap suit and Sam will show Corridor Digital's VFX production pipeline.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Creating “Darth Vader vs. Master Chief” with Remote Virtual Production

Eric Bear Actor, Film maker and entrepreneur known for creating award-winning interactive media

Eric Bear is a classically-trained film actor known for his meme-generating role in Annie Hall. As a kinesthetic artist, he specializes in primate motion capture and authentic, grounded expression. Bear is a former tech entrepreneur who has licensed his patented inventions to all major motion picture studios and top consumer electronics companies in the world.

In this session, Retro Pixel and Eric Bear will demonstrate how to do a remote virtual production. Eric Bear will wear the Xsens mocap suit and will perform from his location, Retro Pixel will do the VFX production remotely from their location.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Creating “Darth Vader vs. Master Chief” with Remote Virtual Production

Nick Romick VFX Artist & Producer

Nick Romick is a VFX Artist & Producer in Vancouver, BC. He is currently the Virtual Production Manager at RetroPixel Digital (formerly ‘The Vault VFX Incubator’), which is an independent VFX studio based in Vancouver BC that focuses on creating original digital content for YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and other platforms.

RetroPixel Digital is currently working on a 10-episode fight series, depicting popular sci-fi characters and superheroes. The majority of the series is using Virtual Production, Unreal Engine, and motion capture.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Wrap up and final Q&A

Katie Jo Turk Sr. Product Specialist at Xsens

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