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Experience cutting-edge 3D Character Animation with the Xsens MVN Animate Motion Capture system. It's the go-to solution for professionals working in gaming, film, animation, TV broadcasting and live entertainment!

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Whether it’s gaming, film, animation, TV broadcasting or live entertainment, MVN Animate will give you accurate, optical quality results every time. Its advanced inertial technology means it will do it from anywhere in the world, too. Xsens MVN is boundary pushing tech, giving you clean production ready data from anywhere, both inside and outside the studio.



Use Xsens motion capture in the studio, at the office or on set

magnetic immune

Magnetic immunity

Experience full magnetic immunity in all conditions

unbelievable data

No clean-up

Save time with clean, production quality motion capture data

Meet Xsens Motion Capture solution

Xsens Motion Capture solution for human motion analysis includes several tiers for hardware, software and cloud processing options. You can customize and overall package and tailor it to your individual needs and requirements.

Learn about available options below or contact us and we will get in touch to support you.

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The Xsens MVN product line has rhree hardware versions: MVN Awinda Starter, MVN Awinda and MVN Link.

Both versions of MVN Awinda use 17 wireless sensors that are fitted on the body with adjustable straps. It allows for fast, easy and reliable motion capture.The MVN Link operates on the same 17 trackers, but they're fitted on the body with a Lycra  ensuring even more accurate data recording and allows for a bigger recording range, Additionally, the MVN Link features full GNSS support.

All three hardware versions have their own specific features, compare them using the overview below and configure the system that fits your needs best.

Design Highlights

Rugged design
The ultra-small trackers are rugged and designed to withstand high impact.
Perfect for rolls and stunts.

Sportive look
The motion capture suit has great sportive design and comes with matching shorts.

Fast setup
The on-body zippers enable easy access to all trackers and allow for quick setup.

mocap standing stairs (2)
animate hero

Magnetic immunity

Experience the benefits of full magnetic immunity in all conditions. Proven sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion capture. Even in the most challenging magnetically disturbed environments, Xsens MVN provides you with production quality mocap data.


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The MVN Motion Capture system hardware range

Xsens motion capture system
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MVN Animate

Xsens MVN Animate’s proprietary motion capture software streams or exports all data to your 3D package. Your work benefits from quick and easy calibration, real-time visualization, easy playback and reprocessing of your motion capture data.

Our software has three options: MVN Animate Basic, MVN Animate Plus and MVN Animate Pro to cover different needs and budgets. Its complexity grows from Basic to Pro.

MVN Animate offers real-time 3D animation, graphs, data streaming, and video. The software has built-in time code and remote control plugins, handles data rates up to 158 Mb/min, and exports to formats such as ASCII (HTML), C3D, BVH, MVNX, BX, and movie containers like AVI and M4V. 

Try Xsens MVN Animate Pro by downloading a trial version and motion capture files. After the trial period ends, you can get a yearly subscription or a lifetime license.

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MotionCloud is a scalable, cloud-based platform for motion capture. This is a landmark upgrade to Xsens MVN, which adds cloud-based storage, processing power, and reporting tools, taking team collaboration and motion data processing to new heights.

We offer three tiers for Cloud Processing access, depending on your needs.

With MotionCloud, you can access and process data from anywhere. MVN Animate users will be able to upload data directly to the cloud, and share it with colleagues for easy review and HD Reprocessing.

  • Manage multiple files without compromising processing power
  • Always the latest state in sensor fusion algorithms
  • Avoid time-consuming date crushing
  • Increase your productivity with reduced complexity


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Xsens MVN delivers high quality data in all conditions and environments. 

We offer smart bundles of hardware, software and cloud processing options optimized for use in game, film and live entertainment. We can assist you in tailoring the overall package to your individual needs.

Get in contact if you need help to configure your system, or if you have any other questions.

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MVN Animate - Jump2


Manus Finger Tracking

Xsens offers true full body performance capture using Manus VR finger tracking for MVN Link and MVN Awinda. We provide native support for Manus VR gloves directly into Xsens’ MVN Animate motion capture software. The Prime Xsens is a glove designed for integration into Xsens Link, to complete the hand with finger data.  T

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Manus VR Gloves



Enjoy integration with all major 3D software packages. It can be via live connections or mocap data files, integration was never this easy!

MVN Animate can export data in standardized formats:

  • FBX
  • BVH
  • C3D
  • MVNX

This full-body motion capture system integrates directly into your pipeline. Please have a look at our dedicated integration page to find out more about full-body motion capture system integrations.


Integrations overview
LOGO animate wall

Get access to the world's most precise inertial motion capture solution

Xsens MVN Animate is a full-body motion capture system that integrates directly into your pipeline. It enables you to mocap anywhere and everywhere, in any situation.  

We offer smart bundles of hardware, software and cloud-processing options. It allows you to tailor the overall Motion Capture package to your individual requirements and project budget.

To help you navigate through all the available options, we've built a recommendation and configuration tool.

Start by answering three simple questions and we will recommend you the Xsens MVN mocap package that fits your needs and budget.


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MVN Animate

Customer cases

See how Xsens customers are using the MVN Animate system to benefit their pipeline. You can find the customer cases in the Explore section

Educational Program


The Xsens Education Program is designed to make MVN technology more accessible to programs, which are often limited by budgets and physical space. These schools can now teach professional motion capture anywhere there’s a WiFi connection, removing the need to turn rooms into makeshift studios.


Educational Program


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