Live Entertainment Solution


Live Entertainment Solution

Using Xsens MVN Animate, technicians, artists, and designers can create live performances with CG animations and graphics in real-time. 


  • Perform anywhere
    Generate spectacular live motion on stage, wherever you perform.

  • Integration
    MVN Animate can stream performance-grade data straight into game engines, and much more. 

  • More Realism, More possibilities
    Create realism with animation data that will bring a digital costume to your performing characters.

The Future of Performance

Xsens suits can record accurate full-body motion in real-time, applying the data directly to live animations. Even technologically advanced performances, such as live projected holograms, can be created on-stage with ease. Illusionist completed a live holographic display with animated, CG characters.


“We see the benefit of working with inertial systems, like Xsens, because it's portable and very fast at acquiring data. There are no complicated setups that take hours to achieve, confined stages or transportation hassle.”

Ivo Slivkov, Managing Partner, Timeware


Seamless integration

By integrating Xsens technology with different software, visually stunning performances can be generated in real-time. Illusionist connected the Xsens system with microdrones and AI to create jaw-dropping visuals accompanying a live performer. 

“We trained the micro-drones' tracking system in our studio using the Xsens suit and a local positioning system (HTC Vive), which we obtained using the spatial and motion analysis, three different coding languages, and a game engine.”



Reimagine Theatre

Add a new dimension to theatrical performances with inertial motion capture. Using Xsens MVN animate, CG characters can join actors on-stage seamlessly – digital creatures can come to life and interact with actors and the audience. The Royal Shakespeare company combined Shakespeare’s plays with 21st-century technology by creating a CG water nymph live for, The Tempest


This transformation is achieved by capturing actor Mark Quartley’s movements with Xsens. The actor’s movements are projected onstage and in the air as a digital avatar. The accurate and reliable data produced by Xsens technology enables the actor to interact directly with cast members in human form while being able to transform live on stage every night during the play’s run.

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Bebylon_cinematic_battle_01 (1200x674)

Live demonstrations

Characters can be animated on-screen in front of an audience for live demonstrations. The animated characters provide an interactive and unique element to any demonstration or presentation and can be easily produced with Xsens and any real-time engine.

In Kite & Lightning's Real-time live winning presentation at Siggraph, the company used a character from the upcoming VR battle royale game, Bebylon. Using four pieces of off-the-shelf technology – including an iPhone X attached to a bike helmet – IKINEMA's LiveAction, Epic Game's Unreal Engine, and, of course, Xsens MVN technology – Cory revealed a live, portable motion capture solution that requires no markers.


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