Xsens MTi measuring ship movements

"The use of the digital MTi sensors avoided the requirement of expensive signal conditioning and data acquisition."
ir. Jos Koning, Senior Project Manager at MARIN

MARIN Wageningen is a world leading research institute focusing on technology and research for the maritime industry. The services incorporate a unique combination of simulation, model testing, full-scale measurements and training programmes. The Trials and Monitoring dpt investigated the loads and responses of modern ultralarge container ships. Driven by economy of scale these modern ships have grown exponentially in dimensions over the past decade. The changing dimensions have had their effect on hull flexibility and response to wave loads.

A three year investigation into the rigid body motions as well as flexible deformations was performed on two ocean going container ships sailing the North Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Xsens MTi motion sensors were selected for their compact size and 3 degrees of freedom sensor package. A grid of 11 MTi RS422 sensors was deployed along the length and width of hull and integrated with distributed industrial I/O modules. The use of the digital MTi sensors avoided the requirement of expensive signal conditioning and data acquisition. A relatively simple cabling could be used on the 350 meter long vessels. This allowed quick installation on board with limited crossings of water tight bulkheads and without paying in on side of accuracy and synchronization.

The results of the investigation allowed the MARIN initiated Lashing@Sea project to identify and quantify impulsive loads and response mechanisms to ships and cargo securing systems on modern generations of ships. These in turn allow validation and improvements of the design principles and operational procedures that are used to construct and operate modern ships.

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