Nissan UEFA Champions League VR game

Wasd Studio is an internationally awarded company based in Mexico City that offer services like video games, virtual / augmented reality and interactive solutions development using cutting edge technology from the video game industry. Using and combining technology, they develop customs software solutions to use in areas like marketing, publicity, medicine, simulation, education and architecture. Wasd Studio has become a top quality company for development of virtual reality, augmented reality, motion tracking and interactive content.

For Nissan Wasd Studio came up with the Nissan VR Test Lab Experience, a project designed to replicate the tests from the original commercial into a virtual reality world.

Wasd Studio used the Xsens MVN Awinda to created an immersive experience that transport the player to a virtual room where they had to complete three football tests. The tests used the motion capture information of their body and kicks to a virtual ball. Giving the project, Xsens played an important role. The goal was to have many people play the game and the easy setup, the tracking precision, and the fast calibration helped in making sure everyone got a chance to experience this game.

Wasd Studio vision was to innovate and give the VR experience a much more realistic way to interact for the users. To spice up the engagement, the game was mirrored to a TV, so their friends could experience the virtual world too. In total more then 100 users experienced the game a day and it was a big success.

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