Precision Motion Tracking

Xsens DOT is a state-of-the-art development platform for the analysis and reporting of human kinematics. The platform features high-accuracy wearable inertial sensors, an easy-to-integrate SDK and community support from Xsens experts.


Superior sensor fusion technology

Our patented Sensor Fusion algorithms provide the highest level of accuracy in the market. Immune to magnetic field distortion and featuring the latest signal processing technology.


Ground-breaking design

Owned by mCube, makers of the smallest motion sensors in the world, Xsens DOT leverages Movella’s cutting-edge hardware, innovative design and award-winning technology experience.

Mobile SDK

Developer community support

We partner with pioneering start-ups and entrepreneurs providing support, technology and resource, helping to bring their innovative ideas and application dreams to life.

Meet Xsens DOT.

Xsens DOT sensor is small and lightweight for portability, with a quick and easy set up. The IP68 water-resistant rating means a little rain won’t stop your progress, and the long battery life gives you enough charge for a day’s power.

Connect the DOTs.

You can use the Xsens DOT sensor as a standalone device, or you can connect multiple sensors according to your needs for even more accurate complex motion tracking data. The Xsens DOT comes with a slimline charging case for up to 5 sensors, which also keeps them protected when not in use.

Integrate easily.

The Xsens DOT provides endless application possibilities. The platform is flexible, easy-to-integrate with any device, independent of the operating system. So you have everything you need to build a commercially attractive application.

Make your ideas move.

With the capability to capture and deliver precise results, the Xsens DOT can help turn your innovative ideas into reality, in the fastest way possible. A direct application of the latest state of the art, is the use of human motion tracking technology to achieve important analyses across fields of medicine, exercise and health. Importantly, these capabilities are now at your fingertips with the Xsens DOT platform.

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Ready to go with your application idea? Great! We have the Xsens DOT set waiting for you.

Xsens DOT set includes:

  • 5 Xsens DOT sensors and a charging case
  • Xsens DOT Software Package

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For innovators and developers wanting a wearable piece of tech that easily translates 3D motion data, the Xsens DOT provides endless application possibilities. Our market-leading sensor fusion technology enables a seamless interface between the digital and physical world to bring their ideas to life.
Whatever the dream, Xsens DOT helps make it a reality.

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Xsens DOT - Health


Xsens DOT motion trackers provide extremely accurate and reliable data and reporting in treatments such as physical therapy and prosthetics where movement monitoring is crucial. With this data, healthcare professionals can make informed suggestions based on the results to aid in a patient’s recovery.


Xsens DOT - Sports


From golfers perfecting their swing, to runners looking to analyse their stride, 3D motion tracking sensors provides invaluable data in order for them to improve their performance and prevent injury. With our patented Sensor Fusion technology, Xsens DOT provides real-time precision movement data capture in any environment, giving athletes and their performance coaches everything they need to achieve the best results.

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The potential of wearable technologies is only restricted by the extent of our imagination. Xsens DOT is opening the possibilities to transform many industries. To enable future generations of entrepreneurs and innovators with this valuable tool, we’ve created a teaching curriculum to achieve educational outcomes across Biomechanics, Sports Science, and STEM-based subjects. It is available for free for all education and research professionals. Learn more about the benefits of wearable technology in education.
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With 20 years of motion tracking experience and industry-leading technology, Xsens understands movement. We believe in the potential of people, and now Xsens DOT enables you to realise the potential of people too.

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