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To push further the boundaries of 3D motion tracking and to enable next generation of products, Xsens participates as partner in selected (typically EU funded) research projects.



Project description:
RunnerAssist is a project is funded by European Union within the European fund for regional development (EFRO). RunnerAssist was launched in 2017 and has a duration of 3 years with a total budget of 2.4M euro of which 960K euro funding is provided by the EU. The project aims at developing a wearable measurement system to monitor running technique and to provide feedback to the runner during and after the activity with the goal to increase performance and reduce injuries. Compared to other available systems, RunnerAssist distinguishes itself through the personal approach by extracting and providing feedback based on individual runner data and personalized parameters. The consortium consists of Roessingh Research and Development BV, Sensorun BV, Trimm BV, and Xsens BV, supported by Demcon Advanced Mechatronics.Project website:
AnDy (Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration) is a project funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. AnDY was launched in January 2017 with a duration of 4 years with a total funding volume of 3.9 M Euro. Recent technological progress in robot physical interaction permitted robots to actively and safely share with humans a common workspace. Leveraging these technologies, AnDy aims at strengthening the European leadership in the robotic market by endowing robots with the ability to control physical collaboration through intentional interaction. AnDy will innovate the way of measuring human whole-body motions developing a wearable force and motion tracking technology (AnDy suit), and proposing technologies to learn cognitive models of human behavior in collaborative tasks (Andy model) and to help humans through predictive physical collaboration (AnDy control).Project website:

Published Papers

An overview of published papers using Xsens technology:


Application of Wearable Inertial Sensors and A New Test Battery for Distinguishing Retrospective Fallers from Non-fallers among Community-dwelling Older People
Journal Articles, Product: MTw
Hai Qiu, Rana Zia Ur Rehman, Xiaoqun Yu & Shuping Xiong
Inertial Measurement Units for Clinical Movement Analysis: Reliability and Concurrent Validity
Journal Articles, Product: MVN Analyze
Mohammad Al-Amri, Kevin Nicholas, Kate Button, Valerie Sparkes, Liba Sheeran & Jennifer L. Davies
Kinetic Gait Analysis Using Inertial Motion Capture: New Tools for Knee Osteoarthritis
Journal Articles, Product: MVN Analyze
Angelos Karatsidis
Elbow joint kinematics during cricket bowling using magneto-inertial sensors: A feasibility study
Journal Articles, Product: MTw
Denny Wells, Jacqueline Alderson, Valentina Camomilla, Cyril Donnelly,Bruce Elliott & Andrea Cereatti
Indirect Measurement of Ground Reaction Forces and Moments by Means of Wearable Inertial Sensors: A Systematic Review
Journal Articles, Product: MVN Analyze
Andrea Ancillao, Salvatore Tedesco, John Barton, Brendan O'Flynn
DOI: 10.3390/s18082564
Intrapersonal and interpersonal evaluation of upper extremity kinematics.
Journal Articles, Product: MVN Analyze, MVN BIOMECH
Linkel A, Raudonytė I, Shippen J, May B, Daunoravičienė K, Sawicki A, Griškevičius J.

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Mapping, State Estimation, and Navigation for Quadrotors and Human-Worn Sensor Systems
Slawomir Grzonka
PhD Thesis, September 2011 University of Freiburg
Ambulatory Movement Analysis Systems in Clinical Motor Function Assessment – Applications of Inertial Sensors and an Instrumented Force Shoe
J. C. van den Noort
PhD Thesis, October 2011 VU University, Amsterdam
Sensor Fusion and Calibration of Inertial Sensors, Vision, Ultra-Wideband and GPS
J.D. Hol
PhD Thesis, June 2011 Linköping University
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