MTw Awinda

Easy to integrate wireless human motion tracker for real-time applications. Used in a body area network, these portable and unobtrusive wireless trackers are ideal for developing customized wearable solutions. 

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MTw Awinda

The Awinda radio protocol ensures time-synchronization better than 10 µs between each MTw on a wireless body area network.

The patented Awinda protocol ensures highly accurate time-synchronized data sampling (within 10 μs) in all connected MTw’s, which is essential for accurate joint angles.

Some key features of the MTw Awinda are:

  • Easy to integrate using extended API
  • Providing highly accurate drift-free 3D orientation data
  • Data multiple MTw's is time-synchronized to within 10μs using patented Awinda protocol
  • Global 24/7 technical support

System integration

Integration with the MTw is very straightforward with the Xsens MT Software Suite. The MT Software Suite is an easy-to-use API that can be interfaced with via a COM, C, and C++ interface with support for Windows and Linux. 

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The MTw Awinda can be used in multiple situations and for different purposes. The Awinda has applications in:

  • Ergonomics 
    Workplace ergonomics, virtual verification
  • Healthy and Safety
    Therapy, rehabilitation, prevention, pedestrian navigation
  • Sports
    Injury prevention, performance science
  • Research
    Biomedical analysis, gait analysis
  • Virtual Reality
    Training & simulation, head tracking, gaming
  • Human Machine Interaction

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Tracker placement
Velcro straps
Internal sampling rate
1000 Hz
30 ms
Buffer time (retransmissions)
10 s
Battery life (continuous use)
6 Hours
Dimensions Tracker
47 x 30 x 13 mm
16 g
Operating temperature range
0°C – 50°C
Wireless update rates
1 - 5 MTw
120 Hz
10 MTw
80 Hz
6 - 9 MTw
120 Hz
20 MTw (maximum)
60 Hz
Range & receiver
Awinda station | Awinda dongle
Open space
up to 50 m | up to 20 m
Office space
up to 20 m | up to 10 m
Wireless protocol
patented Awinda protocol
Dynamic Accuracy (Roll/Pitch)
0.75 deg RMS
Static Accuracy (Roll/Pitch)
0.5 deg RMS
Dynamic Accuracy (Heading)
1.5 deg RMS
Static Accuracy (Heading)
1 deg RMS
Tracker Components
3 axes
Full scale
± 2000 deg/s | ± 160 m/s2 | ± 1.9 Gauss

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