MTi 1-series

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The MTi 1-series module is a full-featured, self-contained AHRS, VRU and IMU on a 12.1 x 12.1 mm PCB. The MTi 1-series is an excellent choice for use in high-volume applications that require robustness from the latest miniature MEMS technology.

  • Uniform software/hardware interface over product lifetime
  • Always best-in-class inertial sensors incorporated
  • Industry-leading signal processing pipeline and orientation algorithm


The MTi 1-series module is a full-featured 3D Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Vertical Reference Unit (VRU) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The PCB features the proven XKF3TM sensor fusion algorithm on-board and will incorporate the latest inertial MEMS technology, while keeping the software and hardware interface the same. This makes it ideal for users who want to benefit from the advances in MEMS technology, but cannot or do not want to invest in costly development, if a component is no longer available.

Orientation performance
Roll/pitchStatic (RMS)0.5 deg
Dynamic (RMS)0.8 deg
Yaw (heading)Static/dynamic (RMS),
Magnetic field referenced (RMS)
2.0 deg
VRU_general filter profile (unreferenced yaw), with Active Heading Stabilization (AHS)

The MTi is available as an AHRS, VRU and IMU.

Product OutputMTi-1 IMUMTi-2 VRUMTi-3 AHRS
Inertial data
Magnetic field
Free acceleration
Heading tracking
Referenced yaw


Rubust sensor fusion

Robust sensor fusion

The XKF3TM sensor fusion algorithm running on-board is fully configurable, limiting the load on the application processor.



Standardized hardware design

Standardized hardware design

The module PCB is compatible with the JEDEC PLCC-28 standard offering full flexibility in mounting the MTi 1-series module.


Development Kit available

Development Kit available

The Development Kit with the extensive MT Software Suite allows system integrators and evaluators to start development within minutes.


MT Software Suite

The MT Software Suite gives easy access to Xsens’ products. The suite contains a specially developed and easy-to-use graphical user interface, as well as drivers for various operating systems and many other useful tools, example source code and documentation.

Although it is easy to set up the MTi via the low-level XBus protocol, communication is made easy with the Xsens Device API (XDA) which is completely in C-code.

MT Software Suite Includes:

  • MT Manager
  • MT SDK with the following software development tools
    – XsensDeviceApi.dll (XDA) – DLL C interface
    – XDA source files – C, C++ wrapper
    – Example source code for MATLAB, Python, C++, C#, ROS and Nucleo boards
  • Magnetic Field Mapper executable (GUI) and MFM SDK
  • Complete documentation

Download MT Software Suite


The Firmware of all our MTi products can be downloaded on the Download MTi firmware.

Data Download

In order to test MT Software Suite we’ve made some test data available from various applications.

Download the data here

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is used in:
Measurement & Testing, Unmanned Control, Heavy Industry, Underwater Systems and Payloads.

Sample and Buy

The MTi 1-series module is available in trays and as Development Kit from the Xsens Online Shop and from various (online) distributors. Click here to find more information on part numbers, pricing and distributors.


MTi 1-series Development Kit

In order to get started with the MTi 1-series, an extensive Development Kit for characterization and prototyping is available now.
The Development Kit includes cabling and the Xsens MT Software Suite.

Sample & Buy

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