MTw: Easy integration of EMG and wireless inertial 3D kinematics

ENSCHEDE, Netherlands,—17th May, 2011— Xsens Technologies B.V., the leader in professional 3D tracking systems, today announced that theXsens MTw™ miniature wireless motion tracking system has been extended to include fully flexible hardware synchronization with third party equipment such as EMG, EEG, force plates and optoelectronic systems. Furthermore, the software example code has been completely revived, further increasing the ease of integration for researchers and system integrators.

The Awinda Station of the MTw Development Kit is equipped with four BNC ports allowing universal connection to a wide variety of hardware. Synchronization with third party devices has never been easier for Xsens customers. The flexibility offered by configuring each synchronization command, including pulse frequency, polarity and width makes the accurate time source from the MTw Awinda Station easily useable with many other systems, including the EMG systems from leading vendors such as Noraxon Inc. and Delsys Inc. For customers interested in validating inertial and optical systems, time synchronization is now much faster and easier with all systems compatible to industry standards.

“This powerful combination of portable and completely wireless systems, with such easy and extensive synchronization options will open so many doors in the movement science field.” says Dr. Peter Konrad from Noraxon. “By simply connecting the BNC synchronization cables of both systems, aligning the sync settings in respective software we can achieve completely time synchronized data files from both MTw 3D kinematics and EMG in an effective and efficient manner.” Dr. Konrad adds: “This setup allows Xsens’ users to directly integrate EMG, fine wire EMG and other established biomechanical sensors like force load cells/plates, local pressure, heart rate and foot switches. Using Noraxon software, data can be merged to perform comprehensive analysis like, gait, ROM testing or functional capacity testing.”

Further to the synchronization possibilities, Xsens focused on the ease-of-use of the software development kit. “A common question we receive from our existing customers is how much work will be involved when they make the move to the new completely wireless MTw system. That is why our software engineers have ensured a smooth transition from our existing products to the wireless MTw system including a completely new LabVIEW example code and a detailed workflow described in the MATLAB example code, next to the C/C++ API.” says Per Slycke, Xsens CTO.