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Innok image showing MTi module

Other applications & Motion Tracking

Motion tracking enables us to track the position, orientation and movement of virtually every (moving) object on earth, in the air, and on or underwater. Because of its ability to collect and analyze real-time data on complex physical movements in often demanding settings, the technology is being embraced across more and more industries and application areas: from tracking animals on a large industrial farm to mapping the seafloor and even what lies beneath it.

Constant innovation is raising the accuracy, flexibility and affordability of this technology, driving further expansion. We are seeing customers realize exciting gains in agriculture & forestry, automotive testing, construction & mining, stabilization, and digital mapping & surveying. Beyond these fields, we are constantly exploring new opportunities, for example in professional wearables and safety solutions. If you stand to benefit from a solution that can track and collect data, navigate different environments, and fuse and analyze a wide array of data in real-time, we invite you to connect with Xsens.




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