New pricing for industry-standard Xsens motion tracker

9 Jun 2015

Xsens’ industry standard motion tracker (MTi 10-series) is now available for applications that require a high-quality IMU, VRU or AHRS at an economical price point. The new pricing makes it possible to integrate the industry standard MEMS based motion tracking products into e.g. drones, robotics and HMDs. The new pricing is available at the Xsens shop.

The entry-level MTi is a part of a product portfolio containing 7 distinctive products in the MTi 10-series and the MTi 100-series: Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), Vertical Reference Units (VRU), Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and an Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS). All products are fully interchangeable, which makes it very straightforward to choose the right functionality, accuracy and corresponding price level for the targeted application.

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