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What are MVN Reports?

With MVN Reports you can easily generate automated reports for Health, Ergonomics and Sports. Powered by the new Xsens MotionCloud platform, MVN Reports instantly present complex movement data in an accessible, easy-to-read report.

In as little as a few minutes, a full standardized report with relevant data for that specific application is created. Also, the motion data is visualized as a 3D avatar. This report is automatically generated on the Xsens MotionCloud platform. All that’s required is an Xsens MVN motion capture setup and access to Xsens MotionCloud.

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Powered by MotionCloud

MVN Reports are available via the Xsens MotionCloud. MotionCloud is a scaleable, cloud-based platform for Xsens MVN Analyze motion capture for health, sports and ergonomics.

This state-of-the-art platform provides fast and accurate data analytics and reporting in an easy-to-use format. MotionCloud delivers the results you want with the freedom you need.

How does MVN Report work?

1 Capture the data using any Xsens system

2 Upload the data to the Xsens MotionCloud

3 Analyze the data in the Xsens MotionCloud

4 Get the report via the Xsens MotionCloud platform

How MVN Reports are used in:


Health MVN Reports-01

For the Health applications, it’s important to have a quick setup due to the limited time that’s available for a session. Our setup can easily be done within 5 minutes and in case you don’t need a full-body setup, for example with gait analysis, this is even less. Because our system is already broadly used and tested by more than 500 universities, we can assure highly accurate and validated data. This will make it possible to perform an objective assessment. And last but not least, our system is so easy to use that you don’t need to be a technical expert.

Reports: Gait Analysis

What data and parameters do I get in the report?

  • General parameters like Steps, Cadence, and Distance
  • Spatial Parameters
  • Temporal Parameters
  • Joint Angles, Center of Mass and Acceleration
  • Gait Graphs Visualization
  • Automatic Gait Cycle detection
  • 3D Visualization of recording

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Ergonomic assessments are done in a lot of different environments. It’s great that you can use our portable system to record everywhere for that reason! For IMU-based Motion Capture systems, factory conditions can be a challenge due to the amount of metal in the surrounding. That’s why we have put in a lot of effort to make our system magnetically immune. With our standardized reports, like a RULA report, you are able to do your measurements ‘on the job’ within a few minutes with lab-quality, objective data.

Reports: RULA

What data and parameters do I get in the report?

  • Automized calculation for every frame
  • Export data from a specific frame
  • Arm and Wrist Analysis
  • Neck, Trunk, and Leg Analysis
  • RULA score and risk factor
  • Specifying load, support, and muscle use
  • 3D Visualization of recording

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mvn report website-02


mvn report website-03

3D Motion Capture is a perfect tool to analyze whether an athlete has a high risk of injury or how the performance can be enhanced. Our portable system allows you to track the athletes on the field in their own environment instead of a lab. With MVN Reports we offer sports-specific reports that allow you to do your analysis within a few minutes.

Reports: Agility (more reports coming soon)

What data and parameters do I get in the report?

  • Applicable for multiple Agility tests
  • Joint Angles, Peak Arm Distance, Center of Mass and Torso Angular Velocity
  • Symmetry visualization
  • Histogram visualization
  • Visualization of parameters over time
  • 3D Visualization of recording

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MVN Reports FAQ

How does the subscription work?
A subscription provides unlimited access to 5 reports. For now, our offering doesn’t exceed 5 reports meaning you will have access to all reports. As we are increasing our portfolio rapidly, a selection of 5 preferred reports needs to be made once that number of reports is exceeded. As you have unlimited access to these 5 reports, you can upload, process and export as many sessions as you like.

How much does it costs?
Access to a subscription for MVN Reports can be set on a monthly or annual basis. Unlimited access to 5 reports costs $295/€250 per month or $2,950/€2,500 per year for 1 user.

How do I get access to MVN reports?
To access MVN reports an Xsens MotionCloud account is required. A free demo account, enabling to get access for 14 days as a trial, can be created by filling in your contact details via this page.

What if I want to have access for multiple users?
To empower worldwide teams, we have updated the ‘teams’ option. Starting the 1st of April 2022, you can add additional users for $250/€195 per month. Additional users also get unlimited access to the 5 reports you have selected. The users can be set up by yourself within the MotionCloud environment.

What type of privacy measures does the motion cloud have?
The MotionCloud has a two-factor authentication login and is GDPR compliant. Please find more information here.

Will Xsens add more reports in the future?
Xsens has scheduled to add more reports for every bundle in the near future. Follow us on our social media accounts to keep updated on the latest developments.

What happens to my generated reports if I cancel my subscription?
All reports that have been generated before the cancelation of a subscription will be accessible via the Xsens MotionCloud account. The account will stay available for users after cancelation of a subscription.

MVN Reports - GUI

MVN Reports Videos

Gait Analysis with MVN Reports


RULA report with MVN Reports


MVN Reports Whitepapers

MVN Reports - Whitepaper

If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation of our MVN Reports, we have two whitepapers available.

MVN Reports - Gait Analysis: The use of inertial motion capture for Cloud-based reporting of gait parameters.

Whitepaper: MVN Report - Gait Analysis

MVN Reports - RULA: The use of inertial motion capture for Cloud-based reporting of Rapid Upper Limb Assessments

Whitepaper: MVN Reports - RULA

If you have a question regarding MVN Reports, don't hesitate to contact us or set up a demo with one of our experts.

Please fill out the form and we will contact you within two business days.

MVN Reports - Gait