October 26, 2021

Mocap Content Creators Conference


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Join the second Mocap Content Creators Conference (MCCC). After our successful first edition in April 2021, we are now ready for the second MCCC!

Once again we have an impressive lineup providing excellent insights into how they are using Xsens' motion capture to bring to life compelling creative content.

Bringing years of experience from across the entire production industry, you'll get first-hand insights from pioneering video content creators Noonoouri, Ryan Garry, Simon Kay, Alvaro Garcia Martine and HaZ!

Empowering small and large studios to realize their creative ideas is what we do best-providing accurate motion capture, combined with cloud services for a more efficient pipeline.

Don't miss the opportunity to join the MCCC and hear our speakers dive into the insights and best practice tips, including perfecting your creative process, enabling Xsens inside the Unreal Engine, and more.

The conference will take place on October 26, but you can register and we will send you the session recordings.
Join the MCCC now! And yes, it's free.


October 26

Welcome & Introduction

Ole Bakker Senior Account Executive at Xsens

Opening of the MCCC. Ole will explain how to customize your Xsens mocap package and tailor it to your individual needs, budget and requirements. This flexibility opens up new opportunities for video content creators such as our speakers.



Joerg Zuber Creative Director

In a world, with an overkill of information and images, it has become necessary for brands and personalities to stand out from the crowd. How to grab the attention of the viewer that you leave a strong impression and create something recognizable. Welcome, Noonoouri.

Noonoouri is the creation of Joerg Zuber. After finishing school, he founded his design studio. He works in the field of high-end animation, creating evocative experiences in movement and sound. In 2018, he brought to life the digital character @Noonoouri - from there, the stories continue.

In this session, Joerg will dive into the technical and creative aspects of creating Noonoouri using motion capture.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Mocap Across the Country

Ryan Garry Director of Unlimited Motion Ltd

Ryan Garry runs Unlimited Motion Ltd - a company that provides services in motion and performance capture, 3D scanning, and virtual production. He also works with productions where needed on broader 3D work such as compositing, 3D tracking, retopologising, and consultancy work.

In this session, Ryan Garry will talk you through his unique use of the Xsens system on-location in museums, forests, and offices to create some incredible real-time and immersive experiences for uses as diverse as feature film animation, on cruise ships, and for theatre performances, as well as sharing some tips about maximising your use of the system.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Phenomenal mocap power, tiny little office space!

Simon Kay Mocap Supervisor DNEG

Simon Kay has used motion capture to create hundreds of characters over the past 20 years at some of the leading studios in video games, motion capture and visual effects. This has given him a unique understanding of the entire motion capture process across a wide variety of industries and projects.

Furthermore, Simon has been involved in almost every project involving a CG character: Venom: Let there be carnage, Infinite, Bohemian Rhapsody, Venom, Pacific Rim Uprising, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. His experience over the years has given him a unique insight into almost every facet of motion capture: from an artistic and technical perspective, and as a client and service provider.

In this session, Simon is going to demonstrate about mocap during a pandemic: from large open sound stages to a tiny home office.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Retargeting skeletons and souls

Alvaro Garcia Martinez Director at Mayhem Mirror Studios

Álvaro is an independent filmmaker and game designer. He grew up in Madrid and developed a passion for animation and filmmaking from an early age. He officially kicked off his career in 2010 as a 3D generalist. In 2014, Álvaro directed and produced a short animated film SUMER, which swept a number of selections and awards within the festival circuit, including an official selection at the Academy-qualifying Cleveland Film Festival. As a VFX artist, Álvaro has worked with a number of top facilities, including MPC, ILM and DNEG where he developed visual effects for a number of box office successes, such as The Jungle Book, Ready Player One, Avengers, Pacific Rim and Matrix 4, to mention a few.

In 2020 with the release of The Seed of Juna pilot, Álvaro founded Mayhem Mirror Studios and won an EPIC Megagrant, to continue with the pre-production of the full-length feature film but also working as a director and game designer in CRETE, a multiplayer biopunk videogame.

In this session, Álvaro will explore how to connect motion capture to our characters, both technically, using Houdini KineFX, and emotionally, directing the actors and identifying the specific needs.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Directing motion capture for a sci-fi action animated feature film

HaZ Dulull Producer / Director

HaZ started his career in Video games before moving into Visual Effects, and then later transitioning over to Directing & Producing with his breakout feature film THE BEYOND, the indie sci-fi was released in 2018 and was number 2 in the iTunes Charts before being licensed on Netflix and turning into a profitable movie. His second feature film - 2036 Origin Unknown, starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, The Mandalorian) earned a limited Theatrical release before landing on Netflix. He was then hired by Disney to helm the pilot for action-comedy series Fast Layne, where he also served as EP / Creative Consultant on the entire series. HaZ is the co-founder of production company HaZ-FIlm producing feature films, tv and video games based on their propriety pipeline utilising Unreal Engine.

In this session, HaZ Dulull describes his process of directing motion capture for both remote and on-site sessions. He will peel back the curtains showing behind the scenes of the production of RIFT, a sci-fi action animated feature film which is currently deep in production. He will showcase how collaboration both remote and on-site requires detailed script breakdown, shot-blocking plans and good communication right through to how he uses the processed Xsens data straight into the shots as a hands-on director allowing him to craft the scenes with performance and action all in realtime.

This session will include a live Q&A.


Xsens - closing

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