About KineXYZ

KineXYZ is an additional free application we offer to give you the opportunity to get to know the Xsens DOT platform rapidly. KineXYZ is an application development tool allowing you to build 3D interactive models based on Xsens DOT motion tracking sensors.

The KineXYZ app is very easy to use as it does not require any specific mathematical or kinematic modeling knowledge. In fact, you will build up this knowledge while working and experimenting with KineXYZ! This means that you do not have to acquire specialist knowledge or invest a lot of time and money before being able to create innovative applications with Xsens DOT.


Build a biomechanical model in just a few minutes! 

Create your own kinematic models or build algorithms without writing a single line of code with KineXYZ app.

KineXYZ app

KineXYZ is an application development tool that enables all kinds of creative developers to build 3D interactive systems that use combinations of Xsens DOT motion tracking sensors to capture and process movements of people, animals or other flexible structures.

Please note that the app is exclusively available for iOS (iPad only). 

Download here the KineXYZ app

KineXYZ demo video

This demo video covers how to:

  • Connect the Xsens DOT sensors
  • Create a 3D model
  • Build a kinematic model
  • Develop a mathematical model
  • Synchronize the sensors

Watch the KineXYZ demo video

KineXYZ documentation

Learn more about all the functionalities of KineXYZ and how to use the application. The documentation for KineXYZ consists of: 

  • The User Manual
  • Application notes on how to stream a joint angle. 
  • Functional Product Specifications
  • KineXYZ app EULA

Go to the KineXYZ documentation

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