Inertial Measurement Unit

About our IMU solutions

Within our range of motion tracking, the Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) is a starting point, as an IMU merely collects and outputs motion data without additional data, calculations or analysis: it does not fuse sensor data to deliver orientation estimates. Many of our customers use our highly versatile IMUs as building blocks for developing more complex systems of their own. Application areas for IMUs range from agriculture to aerospace.

An IMU is your best choice when you need the following data:

  • 3D acceleration 
  • 3D rate of turn 
  • 3D magnetic field 

Industrial-grade products

The quality of an IMU is partly defined by the sensing elements included in it. In a market in which sensor components or modules can range in price from 1 to 1,000 USD, many engineers give in to the temptation of using lower-end options – also to reduce the risk of over-performance.

In practice, however, preparing consumer-grade systems for real-world industrial application requires such extensive conditioning and processing, that opting for an industrial-grade module is often more cost-effective – and a lot less stressful and time-consuming for the client.

At Xsens, we hold the tension between pricing and performance, offering high quality and industrial robustness along with easy configurability, broad synchronization options, and excellent end-of-life management. 

inertial sensor modules used in a solar boat

An optimized signal processing pipeline

In addition to component quality, the quality of your signal processing pipeline is important. Our IMUs are accurately calibrated, providing a model of the internal sensors. In operation, the signal processing chain consists of four links: 

  • Sampling (at a high frequency)
  • A carefully designed digital low pass filtering in order to prevent aliasing
  • Application of the calibration model
  • Strapdown Integration (SDI) at the high frequency of 2 KHz

Our well-tested design of this entire signal processing pipeline ensures that your IMU will deliver high-fidelity data.

Drone - agriculture

Xsens IMUs

  • High-quality strapdown Integration model, including coning/sculling compensation, anti-aliasing and proper filtering
  • Easy configurability of outputs, output rates, output format, sensor alignment
  • Synchronization options
  • Component end-of-life (EOL) management covered by Xsens
  • Fully tested and calibrated
  • Robustness
  • Plug-and-play

IMU products 

You can recognize the IMUs within our different product series by the ‘1’ in the product name.

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Drone - agriculture