Tracking Satellites On A Moving Ground Vehicle

EM Solutions is a private company founded in 1998 and comprises of approximately 40 people based in a 1800 sqm facility in Brisbane Australia. EM Solutions is a technology provider to commercial and military customers in the telecommunications sector, and is a market leader in the supply of Ka-band products to defence and enterprise customers.

EM Solutions was awarded a contract to develop a Mounted Battle Command Ka-band Satcom On-The-Move System under the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTD) Program. The objective was to develop a SOTM (SATCOM On The Move) terminal that was suitable for WGS (Wideband Global SATCOM) operation, and would allow the ADF to investigate, demonstrate and examine its potential as a key system supporting the ADF’s Network Centric Warfare strategy.

Satellite services were provided by DSTO, which included: a digital TV video signal streamed to the vehicle; video from a forward looking IP camera streamed out of the vehicle; VoIP services allowing phone calls to be placed and received from inside the vehicle; and web-based management displays to assist with monitoring terminal performance.

Ryan Flux, Design Engineer of EM solutions explains: “During the course of the project it was decided that the SOTM terminal would require some assistance by an AHRS. EM Solutions performed a search on units which potentially could suit the application. A comparison was performed between the units and it was decided that the MTi-G would be selected.

The MTi-G was primarily selected due to its combination of performance, profile and cost. The MTi-G stood out due to the combination of it meeting the performance specification while still being a cost effective solution. The low profile design allowed made it easy to integrate into the system.

"The integration of the MTi-G into the system went very smoothly, with pleasing results. Over the course of the project the comprehensive and easy to understand documentation coupled with the simple communications interface greatly reduced the integration time.”

Ryan Flux, Design Engineer of EM solutions

Erik Wilbrink, VP of Sales & Marketing of Xsens comments: “EM Solutions is a high rated company in the market of SATCOM, so we are very pleased to have them as a customer. With the MTi-G standard integrated in EM Solutions’ Ka-band satcom system shows that Xsens products are best in class technology. Tracking of satellites on a moving ground vehicle is very challenging but EM Solutions succeeded to integrate our Motion Trackers with great results.