Extreme conditions

Mechanics and energetics of loaded walking on gradients:

Management of resources in extreme conditions

Prof. Minetti of the Institute for Biophysical and Clinical Research into Human Movement coordinated a team of researchers to carry out an evaluation project entitled "Mechanics and energetic of loaded walking on gradients: management of resources in extreme conditions", in accordance with the framework of activities outlined by the project: Ev-K2-CNR. The measurements were carried out in the autumn of 2008 in the Pyramid Laboratory of Nepal.

The Xbus (now MTw Awinda ) system was used in combination with several MT9s to collect 3D orientation data of body segments as well as 3D kinematics. To ensure a fully portable system, data was logged on a PocketPC device.

Initial tests were carried out at the end of September 2004 in Namche Bazar. The study concerned observation, monitoring, as well as other examinations on 'sample' subjects who completed a route with variable slopes on a rise of 100 m, carrying weights varying from 20 to 60 kg.

All images in this application story are the property of Ev-K2-CNR - 2004 expedition to the Laboratory Pyramid (5050 m, Nepal).


Institute for Biophysical and Clinical Research into Human Movement, UK


The Ev-K2-CNR Project

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