Affordable MEMS AHRS

Affordable MEMS AHRS’ were introduced just after 2000, when inertial sensors prices dropped and accuracy improved, to enable the mass introduction of ESP, airbags and built-in car navigation. The improved inertial sensors were used by companies such as Xsens to design an Attitude heading reference system that provides 3D orientation for a broad range of applications from human motion to navigation of unmanned vehicles and the stabilization of antenna and camera systems. The Xsens MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series are proven products in the industrial applications market place.

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GPS enhanced AHRSs

To improve the AHRS performance under long-lasting accelerations and under conditions with severe magnetic disturbance, Xsens offers the MTi-G-710 GPS/INS. The MTi-G-710 uses GPS to determine accelerations and velocity, which can be used to make the referencing with gravity more robust, resulting in a robust roll and pitch. Using the heading and course of the GPS, it is also possible to retrieve heading without using the magnetometers.

The MTi-G-710 is often used in applications that are high-dynamic.

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MEMS AHRSs as a replacement for high-grade IMUs?

Traditional IMUs (e.g. Honeywell, Sagem, and Northrop Grumman/Litef) are used in many applications for navigation, control, and stabilization. With the Xsens AHRSs, it is, however, possible to get similar performance in a smaller package allowing to use them in more applications, such as antenna and camera stabilization, small unmanned vehicles and even hand-held applications.

It also makes the use of orientation sensors possible where an orientation sensor had not been considered before.

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