Xsens customers on the Xsens MVN motion capture system:

Boss Key Productions“Xsens allows us to capture right here at our desks. We toss the suit on, grab what we need to grab and we are working with that data later that day”

Ryan Palser
Lead Animator
Boss Key Productions

The Imaginarium Studios“For this performance to work, Ariel needed to fly, walk in space and collaborate with other performers in the moment, without unrestrictive performance capture technology like MVN, Ariel would have been just another landlocked cast member in a costume.”

Ben Lumsden
Head of Studio
The Imaginarium Studios

 Image Engine“Setting up the Xsens suits is so simple – most of our animators know how to do this themselves, so we don’t need a specialised tech when we want to quickly jump into a session”

Jeremy Mesana
Animation supervisor
Image Engine

 Avalanche Studios“Xsens new post processing cuts down our clean up even further. Instead of spending three hours doing clean-up, you can pretty much just slap on a pose and export it into your game. That’s probably the most exciting thing with the new MVN Animate.”

Alex Crowhurst
Lead Animator
Avalanche Studios

“The Xsens system has a very small footprint; the whole thing fits into a cabinet that we keep in the corner of a conference room. It’s very user-friendly from that standpoint: you don’t need to set up a whole gantry with cameras like you would with an optical system. And the software is straightforward.”

Paul Mathus
Vice President of Development
Telltale Games


“The Xsens solver and mobility of the technology were something that initially attracted us to it as a solution. Now, having tried the beta and this next-generation solver, we’re seeing even more value as a studio, and even more for our client. With the latest version of MVN we can create clean data quicker than ever before, not to mention capture motion in more environments than we knew possible with inertial technology.”

Simon Legrand
The Mocap Studio

thecapturelab“The Capture Lab is using the Xsens MVN motion capture solution because it’s easy to use, and flexible enough to pick up and deploy anywhere in the world on short notice.”

Mike Harrison
General Manager
The Capture Lab

MPC“We were immediately drawn to the simplicity of their new set-up. Putting on the suit takes barely any time at all, so you can start capturing data quickly. We are saving hours at every stage of the process.”

Jason Snyman
Animation Supervisor
MPC (Moving Picture Company)

Evergreen Studios“Xsens MVN has been invaluable to Evergreen Studios. The flexibility and portability of MVN allows our team to easily take the capture system out of the studio and onto any set or location, making the Xsens MVN Evergreen Studios’ motion capture suite of choice.”

Mick Pacifici
Head of Camera and Image Capture Department
Evergreen Studios

DNEG“We started using the MVN system over five years ago while working on ‘Paul’ and have continued to use it ever since, Xsens MVN has been a fantastic tool for previs and animation blocking. After experiencing the new MVN systems first hand, we can’t wait to introduce it into our production pipeline.”

Simon Kay
Motion Capture Supervisor
Double Negative

unexpected“From the first moment we used the new system, we were amazed how intuitive it was and we were able to set it up in no time, the new features and possibilities are really compelling, we now love it even more!”

Alex Kiesl
Creative Director

Ted“The portability of the MVN system allows us to get true interplay between a CG character and the rest of the cast. This is particularly important in comedy, where improvisation and timing are everything.”

Webster Colcord
Motion Capture Specialist on ‘Ted’

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