March 23, 2021

Xsens DOT Developer Conference


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Together with the Xsens DOT community -  a community of brilliant people with inspiring ideas, we organize the online developer conference 5 DOTs millions of applications.
For innovators and developers wanting a wearable piece of tech that easily translates 3D motion data, the Xsens DOT provides endless application possibilities. Xsens DOT offers accurate, high-fidelity motion tracking data ready to be integrated into your applications.
We invite you to this special conference to hear the most exciting stories from our partners and customers and to learn how Xsens DOT can make your dream a reality. We demonstrate how Xsens DOT transforms different industries, what challenges we face and how Xsens DOT helps address them.
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The conference took place on March, 23, but you can register and we will send you the session recordings.  


March 23rd

Welcome Europe & Asia

Arun Vydhyanathan Business Manager Wearable Sensors


Automated Manual Tasks Risk Assessment, a benefit or a distraction?

Michael Lawrence Co-Founder and Manager of Product Development

Automated risk analysis through motion sensor-derived data enables the non-expert to complete assessments and does not always require the assessor to even be there. This clearly has cost and time-benefits for the practitioner, but is it an improvement on the assessment by the human?


Rehabilitation with IMUs and biofeedback

Stefano Lenzi R&D Coordinator

In the last years, rehabilitation is continuously changing thanks to the outbreak of new technological solutions and the insurgence of new needs in patient’s care both in clinics and at home. During this talk, Corehab will show and describe the results of his long-term effort in optimizing the design and development of rehabilitation systems.




Wearable technology in education

Jason Konrath CEO and Founder

Jason is an expert in Biomechanics with a strong background in sensor-based motion capture and musculoskeletal modeling, using computational models to estimate muscle forces and joint contact forces during human locomotion. Jason will explain how wearable technologies can be a valuable tool for developers.


Data doesn’t improve performance; the right interpretation and use of it does.

Marcel Tiggelman Co-Founder

Let’s go behind the hype of data and get down to business. ORYX is specialized in the development of solutions for automated AI-powered analysis of human movement. With the introduction of movement specific Movement Performance Indicators (MPI), ORYX has created a new paradigm for coaches, trainers and therapists to precisely understand the underlying complexity of human biomechanics and the emerge of movement.




Digitizing the Global Fan Language for Fans

Neven Murugan Head of Products and Co-Founder

Fanmode is Tech Start Up based in Ireland and South Africa  and is focused on making the world a stadium for sports fans and beyond. Fanmode has developed a platform and tech that enables massively distributed real time participation for a global sports audiences. With Fanmode, fans can be remotely involved at events  with Apps, Wearable Tech and new categories of IOT merchandise.   


Panel discussion: How the evolution of motion tracking technology transforms professional sports

Rene Wijlens, Travis McDonough, Jason Konrath, Raymond ten Hove




Welcome America

Erica Zelazny Senior Account Executive


Transformation of health and sports industries with access to personalised and customised data assessment

Jeff Johnson Sr. Account Executive

Kinduct’s Human Performance Platform supports athletic, medical, and tactical organizations around the world. Our clients include professional and national sporting organizations, health authorities and associations, and military and special forces groups.


Addressing Musculoskeletal Conditions with Wearable Technology

Patrick Pakan Founder and CEO

Chronic pain affects nearly 1 out of every 2 adults. Sensor-guided digital exercise therapy offers a convenient recovery solution.


Xsens DOT: Powering the Future of Fitness Technology

Blaine Killen CEO

Learn how the Xsens DOT is being used by FitLift to revolutionize strength training. Their CEO will be speaking about where this industry is going, and about the core technology powering their product.


Change the entire wearable tech landscape: Exonetics & The Keys To Success

Jeremy Milliner President and Co-Founder

Exonetics co-founder and CTO, Jeremy Milliner, shares his keys to success. Exonetics was created to help you achieve peak human performance and is the critical difference between winning and losing. Jeremy will explain how Woven, the first product from the Exonetics line, is primed to change the entire wearable tech landscape with its winning partnership with Xsens.




Panel discussion: How the evolution of motion tracking technology transforms the healthcare industry

Travis McDonough, Arun Vydhyanathan and Igor Ikink


Wrap up Conference

Erica Zelazny Senior Account Executive Wearable Sensors

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Business Manager Wearable Sensors

Arun is Business Manager for Wearable Sensors and Director Engineering of the Xsens Shanghai team. Arun holds a M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University, USA.

ten Hove
Account Executive Wearable Sensors

Raymond is an experienced sales professional in the international sports- and healthcare industry with a broad passion for sports and performance.

Head of Products and Co-Founder

Neven Murugan is the Head of Products and Co-Founder at Fanmode. Before launching Fanmode, Neven was a Telecoms engineer with Dimension Data where he spent more than a decade designing and deploying global telecoms and ISP networks. With a passion for sports and tech, Neven says Fanmode was the logical next step for him.

Executive Director

Rene Wijlens is founder and Exec. Director for EPSI (the European platform for Sports Innovation) and Manager for Cluster Sports & Technology. Rene has been a promoter of Sport innovation for more than 25 years. He has a a background in using biomechanics and motion analysis knowledge for user centred development of products and services.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Marta has a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Padua. She initially participated in product development and then focused on national and international business development

R&D Coordinator

Stefano received his Ph.D. in Technology for Health from the University of Brescia in 2020. Stefano's career is centered on the study and implementation of innovative technological solutions for virtual reality neuro-motor rehabilitation systems.

Sr. Account Executive Wearable Sensors

Erica Zelazny is the Sr. Account Executive for Wearable Sensors for Americas. Erica works at the Xsens Los Angeles office.

Sr. Account Executive

Jeff Johnson brings a unique perspective to the Kinduct team having performed at the highest level of professional sport for 14 years. His ability to assess complex situations and develop practical strategies support Jeff’s role as he leads Kinduct’s enterprise efforts working with leagues and healthcare partners.

Founder and CEO
AKLOS Health

Patrick Pakan is the Founder and CEO of AKLOS Health, a digital musculoskeletal recovery platform. Having played college football and sports all his life, Patrick required 20+ physical therapy programs over the last two decades. His own frustrations with the lack of an evidence-based digital exercise therapy option that led to the idea for AKLOS Health.

Co-Founder and Manager of Product Development
Joint Action Solutions

Michael Lawrence is the Co-Founder and Manager of Product development at JointAction Group. Michael is specialized in occupational healthy, safety and work-related musculoskeletal ergonomics. Micheal has obtained a Master of Health Science.


Blaine is the CEO at FitLift and passionate about fitness. He was previously a co-founder of three startups and a software engineer at Microsoft.

President and Co-Founder

Jeremy is the President and Co-Founder of Exonetics. Jeremy is a rising voice as a futurist and leader in human motion tracking technology. With a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering Jeremy proudly serves in the U.S. Air Force and has a lot of experience in the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

CEO and Founder
Principia Technology

Dr Jason Konrath holds PhD in Biomechanics from Griffith University and a degree in Exercise and Health Science from the University of Western Australia. He is an expert in Biomechanics with a strong background in sensor-based motion capture and musculoskeletal modeling, using computational models to estimate muscle forces and joint contact forces during human locomotion.

ORYX movement solutions

Marcel is co-founder of ORYX and the inventor of the ORYX method – a conceptual framework which fundamentals lie in attractor-based analysis. Being a trainer, Marcel exactly knows what to look for when screening on quality of movement and how to convert this information into sports-specific exercises.

Director Technology

Igor Ikink is a product management and technology professional that enjoys balancing technical product development and architecture with the business modelling, consumer focus and strategic execution of new product and business development in the human movement analytics industry.

Founder & President

Travis McDonough is the founder and President of Kinduct. Travis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. A health care practitioner, Travis has dedicated his entire career to his passion for sparking innovation and driving constant improvement in the sport, health, and wellness industries.