November 9th

Working on a healthy work environment


Together we can build a healthier and safer workplace

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Companies are investing in healthy workplaces, often using innovative technology to improve the safety and wellbeing of workers.


But how exactly does the technology help?

Ottobock, Scalefit, and Xsens are joining forces in an upcoming webinar to show how you can measure, analyze, and adjust the current and future health and safety measures of your workspace.

Xsens motion capture technology measures human kinematics data in real-time, Scalefit software visualizes the physical workload of this data, and Ottobock exoskeletons provide the needed relief for employees based on the analyzed data.


Together we work to create healthy workplaces — now and for the future.


November 9

Welcome and introduction

Ari Tamari Account Executive Health & Sports

Ari Tamari is Account Executive for Health and Sports for the East Coast of the Americas region. He works at the Xsens US office in El Segundo, California.


Short overview of the Xsens roadmap

Leelai Abraha Account Executive Health & Sports

Leelai Abraha is the Account Executive for Health and Sports for the West Coast of the Americas region. He works at the Xsens US office in El Segundo, California.


Scalefit - Real-time visualization of physical workload with and without the ergonomic support of exoskeletons.

Dr. Frank Emrich Managing Director (CEO)

Scalefit visualizes physical workload - in real-time and on-site. The measuring system identifies hidden health risks and evaluates them according to international standards. It enables the objective evaluation of preventive measures such as ergonomic workplace design or work-related exoskeletons in order to avoid musculoskeletal disorders.


Ottobock - “Exo Meet – All About Ottobock’s Paexo Exoskeletons”

Ms. Ashley Staack Sales and Training Manager

Exoskeletons provide daily relief for employees in the industry. From overhead work, lifting activities in logistics, to activities that stress the joints in the hand. There are very different application scenarios for exoskeletons. Enter the world of exoskeletons and work ergonomics and learn more about the development of exoskeletons in our segment “Exo Meet – All About Ottobock’s Paexo Exoskeletons”. We present the latest state of the art in Ottobock Paexo technology and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly.


Combined demonstration of Xsens motion capture, Ottobock exoskeletons, and Scalefit analysis software

This demonstration will show the strength of the combination of Xsens motion capture, Scalefit analysis software and the Ottobock exoskeletons. We will show motion capture files recorded with Xsens of someone wearing an Ottobock exoskeleton, and we will then do an ergonomic evaluation in Scalefit.


Q&A session

Leelai Abraha Account Executive Health & Sports

Q&A session with all speakers, feel free to add any questions in the chat.


Closing remarks by the Xsens team.

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