webinarpsd2WEBINAR: Developing real-time applications using the MTw Awinda

The MTw Awinda is a wireless human motion tracker optimized for developing real-time applications for wearable solutions. The wireless motion trackers are used in many fields including Ergonomics, Health & Safety, Sports, Research, Virtual Reality and Human Machine Interaction.

During this session, we will explain how integration with the MTw Awinda is very straightforward with the Xsens MT Software Suite and easy-to-use API. There will be room at the end for questions.

Would you like a more in-depth overview of the new MTw Awinda?
Xsens will host a webinar that will include:

  • A summary of the hardware specifications
  • Detailed explanation of the MT Software Suite (incl. API)
  • Live demos of MT Manager Software and example source codes
  • Typical applications for the MTw Awinda


Webinar details:

The webinar is available here




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