Sep. 1 & Sep. 2, 2020

Live Q&A session

with the Xsens DOT product expert

About this webinar

We have received and answered so many questions about Xsens DOT during our previous webinars, that we have decided to organize a dedicated live Q&A session with our product expert – Alessandro Bonfiglio.

Live Q&A session with Xsens DOT product expert
This interactive session allows developers to ask all questions they have about the product and get inspired by fellow developers' questions. We invite everyone to submit any questions about Xsens DOT that you would like to be answered. We welcome all questions!

You can either submit your questions before the webinar so we come well-prepared or just ask your questions during the session.

During the webinar, Alessandro will demonstrate the latest product updates and answer as many questions as he can. We guarantee that we will follow up and answer all questions asked.



Alessandro Bonfiglio is Field Application Engineer for Wearable Sensors. Alessandro joined Xsens in 2019 after graduating in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. Alessandro is Xsens DOT product expert, he supports all Xsens DOT customers in their development journey. Alessandro works at the Xsens HQ.

Erica Zelazny is the Sales Director for Wearable Sensors for Americas, she works at the Xsens Los Angeles office. 

She will be facilitating the webinar on Sep. 2.


Bryan He is Business Development Manager for Wearable Sensors for APAC region, he works at the Xsens Shanghai office. 

He will be facilitating the webinar on Sep.1.