About Wearables

Motion tracking applications needing to be recorded in unconstrained environments require lightweight, unobtrusive and body-worn sensors to track motions. State-of-the-art MEMS motion sensors combining accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data can be used as input to advanced signal processing and sensor fusion frameworks which have been optimized for human motion applications.

Our Products


Wearables for research

MTw Awinda is an easy-to-integrate wireless human motion tracker for real-time applications. Using a patented radio protocol, the MTw Awinda addresses unique peculiarities of wireless sensor networks, including synchronization and packet loss. An antenna is needed to receive the data; it is typically best suited for applications using a PC or desktop computer.

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Wearables for commercial applications

Xsens DOT is a state-of-the-art development platform for analyzing and reporting human kinematics. The platform features high-accuracy wearable inertial sensors, an easy-to-integrate SDK, and community support from Xsens experts. Utilizing a BLE 5.0 protocol, the Xsens DOT contains a software development kit to use with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Typically best suited for mobile-based and PC applications. 

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