Xsens MVN Analyze:
Virtual Ergonomics Event - The National Research Centre for the Working Environment

Title: Virtual Ergonomics Event
Date: May 27th
Time: 9 AM - 16 PM Central European Time (CET)

The Virtual Ergonomics Event is organized by Xsens and industry partners. The event will provide ergonomics specialists and enthusiasts insights on how motion capture can be used in the field of Ergonomics, Virtual Design Verification and Human Factors.

9:15    - Welcome and introduction to the Virtual Ergonomics Event
9:30   - Ergonomics risk assessment with 3D postural analysis
10:00 - Accredited Ergonomic Certification
10:30 - Morning Break
10:45 - Real-time visualization of physical workload assessment
11:15  - Rethinking Human Ergonomics in Lean Manufacturing and Service Industry: Towards Collaborative Robots with Anticipatory Behaviors
11:45  - Biomechanical analysis of motion capture in an ergonomics context
12:15  - Lunch break
13:00 - Estimation of Spinal loading during manual materials handling using inertial motion capture
13:30 - RULA with Xsens MVN
14:00 - How Toyota uses Xsens motion capture data
14:30 - Afternoon break
14:45 - Xsens in a car - Example how Sensor Fusion can improve the understanding of Driver-Behavior
15:15 - Motion Capture as input for virtual work simulation and ergonomics assessment with ema Work Designer
15:45 - Summary and close

We are looking forward to meeting you online on May 27th! Register here.


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