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Warehousing, logistics & motion tracking

Drones, robotic vehicles and arms fitted with motion tracking already have a solid reputation in outdoor applications, and are quickly gaining ground indoors. In warehousing and logistics, our solutions are enabling more and more tasks, such as transporting goods, or inspecting facilities and inventory. In this smart, Industry 4.0 environment, they offer valuable automation and efficiency gains, while also relieving employees of monotonous or hazardous work.




A major challenge in this area is that Global Positioning System (GPS) does not work inside most buildings, or underground. This means your drone or robotic arm has to operate reliably without the need for magnetic reference. It also means it must be self-aware and able to navigate an environment with objects that move, or are moved around. At the same time, price pressure is high in this fast-moving sector, with customers demanding excellent price-performance ratios, combined with high compatibility. Our Motion Tracking industrial-grade (MTi) products offer a variety of all-in-one solutions for these challenges. Especially our VRUs (Vertical Reference Units) are commonly used in this application area.



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