May 27, 2020

Virtual Ergonomics Event


Why attend the Virtual Ergonomics Event?

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The Virtual Ergonomics Event is organized by Xsens and industry partners. The event will provide ergonomics specialists and enthusiasts insights on how motion capture can be used in the field of Ergonomics, Virtual Design Verification and Human Factors.

International industry leaders will present insights into the use of motion capture data to analyze and improve work-places, reduce work-related injuries and increase work efficiency.

This event allows people to join for free and offers possibilities to ask questions to industry-leading lecturers, professors, engineers, health & safety experts and product managers from forward-thinking companies such as Toyota, Italian Institute of Technology, Ergoneers, Ergocert, IMK, Scalefit, BOB Biomechanics and Xsens.

How does it work?
You can register for free for the full event using the registration link. Your registration will provide access to every session on the day.

You will receive an email confirmation link that can be used to jump in and out of each session.


May 27nd, 2020
15 min

Welcome and introduction to the Virtual Ergonomics Event

Felix Wolbert Business Develop Manager at Xsens
30 min

Ergonomics risk assessment with 3D postural analysis

Roeland Motmans Ergonomist at Delhaize
30 min

Accredited Ergonomic Certification

Marco Bordignon Technical Manager at ErgoCert
15 min

Morning Break

30 min

Real-time visualization of physical workload assessment

Frank Emrich CEO - Biomechanics & Ergonomics at Scalefit
30 min

Rethinking Human Ergonomics in Lean Manufacturing and Service Industry: Towards Collaborative Robots with Anticipatory Behaviors

Arash Ajoudani Head of HRI² Laboratory at IIT
30 min

Biomechanical analysis of motion capture data in an ergonomics context

Dr. James Shippen Principal Lecturer at BoB Biomechanics Ltd
45 min

Lunch break

30 min

Estimation of Spinal loading during manual materials handling using inertial motion capture

Sebastian Skals Ph.D. student at The National Research Centre for the Working Environment
30 min

RULA with Xsens MVN

Peter Hartman Product manager at Xsens
30 min

How Toyota uses Xsens motion capture data

Stuart Bassford Plant Engineering Safety & Ergonomics at Toyota
15 min

Afternoon break

30 min

Xsens in a Car - Example how Sensor Fusion can improve the understanding of Driver-Behaviour

Dr. Daniel Damböck Product Manager at Ergoneers
30 min

Motion Capturing as input for virtual work simulation and ergonomics assessment with ema Work Designer

Prof. Dr. Lars Fritzsche Head of Ergonomics at IMK Automotive, GmbH
15 min

Summary and close

Felix Wolbert Business Develop Manager at Xsens
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