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Xsens MTi Technology for Unmanned Systems

The Xsens IMU, VRU, AHRS or GPS/INS is the ideal choice for payload control and control & stabilization for any type of professional fixed-wing and rotary-wing UAV. The Xsens MTi product family gives you vibration-rejecting gyroscopes, drift free 3D orientation data, 3D position and velocity data, 3D calibrated acceleration, rate of turn, magnetic field data and pressure data.

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Xsens product family for Unmanned Systems:


MTi 1-seriesMTi-7MTi 10-series
Full-featured inertial
motion tracking module
Full-featured inertial
motion tracking module
Industry standard
Xsens MTi 1-seriesXsens MTi 10-series
MTi 100-seriesMTi-G-710
High performance
Full 3D AHRS with GNSS/INS
Xsens MTi 100-seriesXsens MTi-G-700


Xsens MTi-1 video

The MTi 1-series module is a full-featured 3D Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Vertical Reference Unit (VRU) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

MTi-1 product page

Xsens Applications

Xsens Application and Customer Showcase for Inertial Sensor Modules.


Xsens Payload Control customer case

Aerial gyrostabilized gimbals are extremely complex and costly pieces of gear. Gyron integrated the MTi-G-710 for horizon stabilization.
“The new gimbal is so good that we decided to re-brand the new Xsens equipped unit – The Gyron HORIZON.”

Gyron customer case

Professional UAV customer case

Professional drone manufacturer ACSL uses an MTi-30 to provide fast and accurate attitude and movement data for flight controls and as the enabling sensor data for all-new innovative technologies. The MINISURVEYOR’s in-house developed Autopilot Flight Controller (APFC) uses the MTi-30’s 9-axis sensor system (3-axis gyro sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer) as the cornerstone of its stabilization and guidance systems.

ACSL customer case

Other customer cases

Visit the Xsens customer cases site for more cases about Unmanned Systems.

Xsens customer cases



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