Third Party Drivers

Please find below links and downloads to various third party drivers and plug-ins for the Xsens Motion Trackers.These third party drivers and plug-ins are written by customers. For support on these drivers, please refer to their respective websites.

Worldviz Vizard

Worldviz Vizard allows you to bring objects to life in virtual reality settings. A plug-in for Vizard is available for the MTi, MTx, MTw and MVN: Vizard plug-in for Xsens MTi and MTx.

Click here to visit the main site of WorldViz.



Player/Stage is a robot platform.

Click to go to the Xsens MT driver. Click here to visit the main site of Player/Stage.



(Yet Another Robot Platform)
YARP is a robot platform.

Click to open the Xsens driver patch. Click here to visit the main site of YARP.



Simplified Virtual Reality Production Capabilities with 3DVIA. It includes ready-to-use application templates (VRNR) and provides support for VR devices with MTi and MTx products of Xsens.

Click here to visit the main site of 3DVIA.



Dewetron GmbH from Graz, Austria is a supplier of data acquisition System. Their Dewesoft data acquisition software also accepts input from the MTi.

Contact Dewetron for more information how to order Dewesoft with the MTi.



QPS is a software design company specialised in Hydrographic and Maritime applications. QINSy is a suite of hydrographic solutions that covers that whole range of activities, from data acquisition to chart production. The MTi can be chosen as an input for the orientation displays in QINSy.


LinkQuest TrackLink

The TrackLink USBL system of LinkQuest allows the MTi as an input for stabilization of the USBL system.


HYPACK Hydrographic Survey Software

Hypack, Inc. has written a driver to support the MTi in their HYPACK Hydrographic Survey Software. For more information, go to


Paparazzi autopilot

Paparazzi is a free and open-source hardware and software project intended to create an exceptionally powerful and versatile autopilot system by allowing and encouraging input from the community.

Paparazzi wiki page with supported modules. Click here to visit the main site of Paparazzi.


Robotic Operating System

Robotic Operating System (ROS) is an operating system for robotic platforms. Amongst others, it includes drivers for Xsens MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series, available at the Xsens ROS node GitHub page. Click here to visit the main site of ROS.

For legacy Xsens MTx/MTi/MTi-G devices, drivers are available on ROS MTi node (legacy).


IFEN SX3 GNSS software receiver

The Xsens MTi is compatible with the IFEN SX3 software receiver. GNSS software receivers, such as the only COTS available SX3 can be used during research, test and development projects. Click here to learn more on the IFEN SX3.



License software for Xsens MVN

Download 32-bits version
Download 64-bits version


LabView .vi for MTi

There is a .vi available for the MTi on the National Instruments Driver Network page. To make changes to the .vi, refer to the Low Level Communication Protocol, available in the MT Software Suite.

Note: This LabView driver only supports 3rd generation MTi’s and is not suitable for our current products.



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