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Xsens MVN AnalyzeSports Biomechanics or sport biomechanical analysis is the scientific discipline in Sport Science which studies (bio) mechanical parameters of the human movement during sports. It is based on analysis of professional athletes and sports’ activities in general, also called the Physics of sports. These studies are performed to gain greater understanding of athletic performance through measuring the human body kinematics.

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Messi in Xsens motion capture suit for FIFA 16Sports science in general

Sports science (or sport science) studies how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sport and physical activity promote health from cellular to whole body perspectives. The study of sports science traditionally incorporates areas of physiology, psychology, anatomy, sports biomechanics, biochemistry and biokinetics. Through the study of science and sport, researchers have developed a greater understanding on how the human body reacts to exercise, training, different environments and many other stimuli. Sports biomechanics or sport biomechanical analysis focuses on the physics of sports.

Sports Biomechanics with inertial sensor technology

Xsens inertial sensor technology provides the freedom to study sports science anywhere.

Laboratório da Luta - UFC - CombateXsens MVN  is a full-body motion analysis system with 17 inertial motion trackers (MTx). Based on a biomechanical model, MVN Analyze provides 3D joint angles, body Center of Mass as well as spatial parameters such as segment position and orientation, facilitating sports biomechanics. For Sports Biomechanics it is recommended to use our MVN Link system. The MVN Link has an update rate of 240 Hz, allowing for detailed data analysis of high dynamic movements. The wireless range out in the field is up to 150 m, this basically covers an entire sports track. It is also possible to connect the MVN BIOMECH Link to a tablet and walk an entire marathon, riding a race bike or a horse for a long distance or ski downhill. With the battery life of 10 hours, almost everything is possible.

Xsens MTw Awinda is the next generation wireless motion trackers from Xsens. With full-body Velcro straps, each MTw can be securely strapped into place onto the body. With highly accurate orientation and sensor component output data, the MTw can be used anywhere for all kinds of applications, including sports science.

Sport Biomechanics news

Kevin Durant at ESPNIf you want to learn more about the use of Xsens in Sports Biomechanics or biomechanical analysis in sports, please follow these links:

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Messi in Xsens motion capture suit
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Cases for Sports Biomechanics

Performance Improvement with Sport Insight
Sports Insight
How Xsens improves human performance and reduces sports injuries at Sports Insight
Variability Of Selected Kinematic Indicators In The Shot Put As The Effect Of Technique
Shot put techniques analysis
Variability of selected kinematic indicators in the shot put as the effect of technique
Identifying Psychological Focus of Attention Using Intra-Individual Movement Variability
Focus of Attention
Identifying Psychological Focus of Attention Using Intra-Individual Movement Variability by the University of Central Lancashire
The effect of different shoes on aiming and shooting in archery
Aiming and shooting in archery
The effect of different shoes on aiming and shooting in archery by the University of Ljubljana
Baseball pitchers analysis
Baseball pitchers analysis
Baseball pitchers analysis by INAIL Prostheses Centre.
Wingsuit flight analysis using the MTi-G
Wingsuit flight analysis
Wingsuit flight analysis using the MTi-G by the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control.

Published Papers

Initiating technical refinements in high-level golfers: Evidence for contradictory procedures

Author: Howie J. Carson, Dave Collins & Jim Richards
Journal: Journal Articles, Product: MVN BIOMECH

Read article

Application of a Full Body Inertial Measurement System in Dressage Riding

Author: Falko Eckardt, Andreas Münz, Kerstin Witte
Journal: Eur J Sport Sci. 2013 Jul 10

Read article

“To Hit, or Not to Hit?” Examining the Similarity Between Practice and Real Swings in Golf

Author: Carson, H.-J.; Collins, D.; Richards, J.
Journal: Journal Articles, Product: MVN BIOMECH

Read article

Intra-individual movement variability during skill transitions: A useful marker?

Author: Carson H.J., Collins D. & Richards J.
Journal: Journal Articles, Product: MVN BIOMECH

Read article

Biomechanical differences between experienced and inexperienced wheelchair users during sport

Author: Starrs P, Chohan A, Fewtrell D, Richards J, Selfe J
Journal: Prosthet Orthot Int

Read article

Determination of three-dimensional joint loading within the lower extremities in snowboarding

Author: Krüger A, McAlpine P, Borrani P. and Edelmann-Nusser J.
Journal: J. Biomechanics

Read article

Application of a full body inertial measurement in alpine skiing: A comparison with an optical video based system

Author: Krüger A and Edelmann-Nusser J.
Journal: Appl. Biomech.

Read article

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