Motion capture

motion captureMotion capture (also MoCap) is a way to digitally record human movements. The recorded motion capture data is mapped on a digital model in 3D software (e.g. Maya or 3D Studio Max) so the digital character moves like the actor you recorded.

The MoCap technology is used in the entertainment industry for films and games to get more realistic human movements. A famous example of a movie with lots of motion capture technology is Avatar.

Below you will find more information on:

  • Introduction about motion capture
  • Motion capture whitepaper
  • Applications for motion capture
  • Customer cases for motion capture


In the image on the right you can see the motion capture system from Xsens, a full-body wearable solution. This motion capture suit is used for many productions including X-Men, Tomb Raider, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man and Resistance 3. The Xsens MVN sytem is available at a starting price of 12.000 (US$/EUR).


On-set motion capture

Introduction to motion capture

The article ‘The fascination for motion capture‘ gives you more insights about how motion capture developed through the years.

The fascination for motion capture

Motion Capture Whitepaper

There is a whitepaper available on Motion Capture:

Xsens MVN: Full 6DOF Human Motion Tracking Using Miniature Inertial Sensors
Authors: Daniel Roetenberg, Henk Luinge and Per Slycke

Download the Motion Capture whitepaper


Motion capture softwareMotion capture software MVN Studio

The included MVN Studio Software has an easy calibration and gives a real-time preview on screen. You can simultaneously record and view the data. You can replay previously recorded motion data and edit the data in MVN Studio.

Motion Capture Tool

The Xsens MVN is the animation tool for getting from idea to in-game animation in less than a day. The motion capture solution Xsens MVN is a full-body lycra suit (also available in straps) with 17 inertial trackers. Xsens MVN gives you freedom of movement because you do not need cameras, there is no occlusion and there are no lost markers. It is a flexible and portable MoCap solution that can be used indoors and outdoors. You can set up the whole system in 15 minutes. Xsens MVN has quick turnaround times and produces clean and smooth data that can save up to 80%
post-processing time.

Teaching motion captureTeaching of Motion Capture

Xsens MVN is the ideal tool for animators and educational purposes.

Xsens educational features:

  • Start your motion capture class within 10 minutes
  • Intuitive interface>
  • Easy interchangeable straps-set
  • Works with all industry leading 3D software packages
  • Portable system for use inside and outside
  • Ideal for education (groups)
  • Real-time view of your motion capture session


Xsens motion capture customers

Xsens MVN motion capture customers include Sony Pictures Imageworks, NBC Universal,
20th Century Fox, Double Negative, Daimler, Electronic Arts, Industrial Light & Magic and others.

Our unique MoCap solutions are used in these and many other projects, capturing human
movement easily and quickly.

Applications for Motion capture

Education is used in:
Education, Film, Game, TV, Advertising, Multi person interaction and Live Entertainment.

Cases for Motion capture

Reliability. You value it when you don’t have it
Virtual Reality experience
Reliability. You value it when you don’t have it
Ted 2: Using Xsens for the grand dance opening scene
Ted 2
The grand dance opening scene
Cinematic teaser for mobile game War 1937
War 1937
Cinematic teaser for mobile game War 1937
Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts equips animation students with the latest Xsens MVN technology
Chapman University
Animation students with the latest Xsens MVN technology
Mocap with a Cause: Amnesty International Uses Xsens MVN motion capture to Prove a Point
Amnesty International viral video
Mocap with a Cause: Amnesty International Uses Xsens MVN motion capture to Prove a Point
The homebrew MoCap behind “The Leviathan”
The Leviathan
The homebrew MoCap behind “The Leviathan”
Real-time 3D animations for live motion capture
Premium ARTS
Real-time 3D animations for live motion capture
The Inheritance
The Inheritance
A real-time art performing project
The Wrestlers
The Wrestlers
Creating a 3D sculpture of wrestlers bodies in motion
Dragon Slayer – NHTV
Dragon Slayer project
Creating the 'Dragon Slayer' animation - by NHTV students
Ashton Kutcher Experience by DAQRI
Ashton Kutcher Experience
DAQRI developed a cutting-edge, photorealistic augmented reality experience
Motion Capture for The Zombies
Motion Capture for The Zombies
An animated video by Pixelhunters for the game The Zombies
Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity
Cannes Lions Festival
Live motion capture entertainment
Live motion capture at 2014 Winter Olympic Games closing ceremony
Live mocap entertainment
Live motion capture at 2014 Winter Olympic Games closing ceremony
Brigham Young University – Owned
Brigham Young University – Owned
Making of a five minute short film in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment
Protrain Taekwondo Mobile App
Protrain Taekwondo Mobile App
Building a mobile learning app within 2 months using Xsens MVN
Chapman University: Some like it BOT!
Some like it BOT!
Chapman University: Some like it BOT!
Mr. Go
Mr. Go
Xsens distributor Motion Technologies provided the motion capture services for Mr. Go.
Live motion capture performances at Marlboro Secrets Tour
Live motion capture
Live motion capture performances at Marlboro Secrets Tour
Kaxan Games
Kaxan Games
Ruben Olvera, Production Coordinator at Kaxan Studios, talks about the use of Xsens motion capture.
Strange Company
Strange Company
With the use of the Xsens MVN suits Strange Company can release lots more films than they did before.
On-set real-time motion capture for Seth MacFarlane hit movie Ted.
John Carter
John Carter
VFX companies Halon and Double Negative worked on the visual effects. Both companies used the Xsens MVN for this major project.
Previs for X-Men: First Class
X-Men: First Class
Previs for X-Men: First Class by The Previs Department of 20th Century Fox and The Third Floor.
Free Style 2 Street Basketball
Free Style 2
Motion capture for the game Free Style 2 Street Basketball.
Insomniac Games: Resistance 3
Resistance 3
Kevin Grow, Cinematics Director at Insomniac Games, talks about the animation pipeline for Resistance 3.
Vestel commercial
Vestel commercial
Saatchi & Saatchi and visual effects studio Unexpected created the new commercial for Vestel.
Skrillex: Live on stage!
Skrillex: Live on stage!
For his 2011/2012 world tour Skrillex introduced a live motion capture act to his onstage performance.
2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Olympic Games opening
2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening with Taichi and a "Jump Dragon" performance.
Movie: Paul
For the feature film ‘Paul’, the Xsens MVN motion capture solution was used by actor Seth Rogen.
The New Art of Virtual Moviemaking
The New Art of Virtual Moviemaking
The Third Floor: Previzualization
This motion capture technology allows for an even greater level of character realism in our previs.
Sony Computer Entertainment: Killzone 2
Killzone 2
Xsens MVN used for development of first person shooter Killzone 2 by Guerrilla Games.
Gearbox’ Borderlands
Late summer 2007, Gearbox Software came to an agreement with...
Hamster comes to life
Hamster motion capture
A CGI hamster was subsequently created and brought to life with Xsens MVN.
Stars on Ice
Animated billboard
An animated billboard for the Swedish television show 'stars on ice' by CG Sweden.
Performance Praga Khan
Praga Khan
MVN was used to its full advantage during a live theater performance by Belgian artist Praga Khan.


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