MVN Studio 4.2 release

19 Jun 2015

We are happy to announce the software release of MVN Studio 4.2.

This software release, a follow up to the major 4.1 release in February 2015, hosts new features and improvements.


Highlights: MVN Studio all versions

  • Comments can now be added to MVN recordings. A big time saver as it allows you to label recordings and find them back easily afterwards.
  • The Software Activation tool has been improved with clearer messages and stability updates. It also allows you to perform Offline activations effortlessly.
  • Network Licensing now supports the use of subnets by default.


Highlights: MVN Studio Pro / BIOMECH

  • LTC time code is now available with MVN Studio. It has become much more accessible, as it is now supported on any pc system with a sound card.
  • Integrating MVN data or a real-time stream has become easy with the release of the Developer Toolkit containing the Real-Time Streaming protocol including new sample code and the MatLab examples.


Download MVN Studio 4.2




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