MT Software Suite 4.2.1 release

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25 Mar 2014

Latest supported release: MT Software Suite 4.2.1

Release date: Jan 17th, 2014


MT Software Suite Includes:

  • MT Manager
  • MT SDK with the following software development tools
    – XsensDeviceApi.dll (XDA) – DLL C interface
    – XDA source files – C, C++ wrapper
    – Example source code for MATLAB, DLL C, DLL C++ and shared object
  • Magnetic Field Mapper executable (GUI) and MFM SDK
  • Firmware Updater and firmware for all Xsens devices
  • Complete documentation
  • The MT Software Suite for Linux has full XDA functionality for x86 and x64 systems. It includes MT Manager, MT SDK and the Magnetic Field Mapper SDK. The MT Software Suite for Linux is a beta release: it is provided as is and support cannot be provided by the Xsens support team.

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