MVN Animate

MVN Animate is the proprietary software suite for Xsens MVN motion capture solution for 3D Character Animation. The Animate Engine is optimized for use in gaming, film, animations and live entertainment. MVN Animate gives production quality data and has a seamless pipeline integrations into all leading software 3D packages and is known for its intuitive interface, quick and easy calibration and real-time visualizations.

  • Production quality data
  • Use is everywhere and in all conditions
  • Seamless pipeline integrations with all leading 3D packages


MVN Animate is Xsens’ proprietary motion capture software. It is used in conjunction with Xsens MVN hardware to record, monitor and review movement. Users can capture anywhere, in any environment, with total reliability – and without the need for extensive post-capture clean-up or editing. MVN Animate is easy to use, reliable and gives production quality data.

“Instead of spending three hours doing clean-up, you can pretty much just slap on a pose and export it into your game. That’s the most exciting thing with the new MVN Animate.”

Alex Damm, Animation Director at Avalanche Studios

Streaming motion data

  • Streaming motion data on local area netwerk (UDP)
  • Autodesk MotionBuilder and Maya compatible client plug-ins available
  • Client network monitor support in MVN Studio

Supported export formats

  • .BVH (Biovision Hierarchical data)
  • .FBX (Motion Builder)
  • .MVNX – (MVN Open XML format)
  • .C3D export (coordinate 3D)

Data Rate

  • 39 Mb/min @ 60 Hz
  • 79 Mb/min @ 120 Hz
  • 158 Mb/min @ 240 Hz

Time Code and Remote Control plug-in

  • Time code stored in MVN, MVNX (optional) and FBX
  • Remote control of recordings in MVN Studio


3rd party Software integrations (click the logo for more information)


Licenses for MVN Animate are available as yearly subscription or lifetime.
The software is available in two versions: MVN Animate and MVN Animate Pro.

FeatureMVN AnimateMVN Animate Pro
Network Streamer (plug-ins)
Magnetic Immunity
Reference Camera support
Export as movie
Time code & remote control
Batch export



Before you can use MVN Animate, you will need a working license. You can request a 15-day trial here.

request a trial

Data Files

In order to test the MVN Analyze software, we have made some motion capture data files available for you to test here.

Motion capture data files


Download MVN Animate 2019.2
Release date: 28 August, 2019
A valid license key is needed to run MVN Animate/ MVN Analyze, request a 15-day trial here.

Release highlights:

MVN Animate

  • Timestamped live data can now be used form the Body Pack

 MVN Animate Pro

  • GNSS support
  • Multiple Body Packs can be remotely triggered for OBR

Download Release Notes for MVN Animate 2019.2

Your firmware needs to be updated before you can use new features


There is currently no beta available


Xsens invites you to become a tester of pre-release versions of MVN Animate.

This in-development version of MVN Analyze/Animate may be unstable and contain bugs. Your valuable feedback will help us to create the best MVN Analyze/Animate software possible. Before you start using the software, please be aware that:

  1. Xsens is not responsible for loss or damage of the data pertaining to usage of the Beta Release.
  2. As the Beta versions have not been officially released by Xsens, they may contain errors or inaccuracies and may result in data loss or cause system reliability issues. If such a problem arises, you may need to use the latest stable release to resume normal operations.
  3. Users acknowledge and agree that Xsens offers software “as is” without warranty of any kind. Xsens shall have no obligation to maintain, correct, update, change, modify or otherwise support the software in beta testing.

By downloading and/or using beta software from Xsens, you are considered to have read this Beta disclaimer and agreed to its terms.


Sentinel HASP/LDK – Windows GUI Run-time Installer.
Needs to be installed when using Network Licensing.
Download HASPUserSetup.exe
Download readme.html

Remote Update System – RUS utility
Rehosting a license key
Download RUS.exe

Firmware Updater
Run to update to latest firmware.
This is the stable Firmware Updater. Using the latest beta-firmware is possible using these instructions.
Download 4.2.6 firmware updater (for MVN 2019 and later releases).

Run to update to latest firmware.

Developer Toolkit

The MVN Studio Developer Toolkit consists of tools to develop integrations of MVN data into 3rd party applications.
Download MVN Studio Developer Toolkit 1.0.5

Release notes

Release articles and tutorials overview

For the MVN 2019.2 we created an overview of release articles and tutorials

Click here to find out

MVN Live Plug-In Downloads

Autodesk Maya 2018
Release date: October 2018

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2018
Release date: October 2018

Autodesk Maya 2017
Release date: February 2017

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2017
Release date: February 2017

Unity 3D
Download version 1.1
Release date: December 12, 2014

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2016
Release date: February 2016

Autodesk Maya 2016
Release date: February 2016

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2015
Release date: November 2014

Autodesk Maya 2015
Release date: November 2014

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2014
Release date: November 2014

Autodesk Maya 2014
Release date: November 2014

Version History


MVN 2018

MVN 2018 – all versions

  • NEW motion capture engine delivers production-level data and is immune to magnetic distortion
  • New MVN Avatar and 3D environment
  • Updated User Interface for more efficient workflow

MVN Analyze

  • Contacts are now available as output in .MVNX

NOTE: To take advantage of the improvements and new features a firmware update is required for both MVN Link and MVN Awinda!

Notes: Download Release Notes for MVN 2018

MVN Studio – Older Version

Version details: MVN Studio (pro) 4.4

MVN Studio – all versions:

  • On-Body Recording with MVN Link makes the system even more effective in capturing large motions in remote locations. On-Body Recording allows you to record motions anywhere without the need for a laptop or PC by storing motions directly on the Body Pack.
  • Optimized and solved some bugs in relation to the Awinda protocol (wireless connection)

MVN Studio Pro, MVN Studio BIOMECH

  • The new addition of the reference video in the MVN Remote app adds extra information to your recordings. During playback of your motions in MVN Studio a video will show the context of where the motion was recorded and allows you to validate that motion

Download MVN Studio 4.4 Release Note

Version details: MVN Studio (Pro) 4.3

Release highlights:

MVN Studio – all versions:

  • ‘Soft Access point’ makes the MVN Link system truly mobile by connecting the Body Pack directly to a laptop or tablet. Capture a quick run outside the office is now a walk in the park! In MVN Studio you can enable ‘Soft Access Point’ often also referred to as ‘Virtual Router’
  • Wi-Fi configuration of the Body Pack is now available through a new Web interface. It allows you to connect to an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure in your office or lab to have more freedom to move around. Also you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network on-set or live show to ensure a robust performance.

MVN Studio Pro, MVN Studio BIOMECH

  • The New MVN remote app allows you to control recordings and review the performance from your phone (iOS / Android). This unique feature will enable you to focus even more on the essence of motion capture and direct your talent, guide the patient or instruct an athlete.

Download MVN Studio (Pro) 4.3 Release Note


Version details: MVN Studio (Pro) 4.2

Release highlights:

MVN Studio – all versions:

  • Now comments can be added to MVN recordings. A big time saver as it allows you to label recordings and find them back easily afterwards
  • The Software Activation tool has been improved with clearer messages and stability updates. It also allows you to perform Offline activations effortlessly
  • Network Licensing now supports the use of subnets by default

MVN Studio Pro / BIOMECH:

  • LTC time code is now available with MVN Studio. It has become much more accessible, as it is now supported on any pc system with a sound card.
  • Integrating MVN data or a real-time stream has become easy with the release of the Developer Toolkit containing the Real-Time Streaming protocol including new sample code and the MatLab examples

Download MVN Studio (Pro) 4.2 Release Notes


Version details: MVN Studio (Pro) 4.1

Release highlights:

  • Improved motion capture performance: height tracking
  • Improved motion path visualizations
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Evaluate kinematic data in real-time with live graphs
  • Real-time access to an extended set of kinematic data in 3rd party applications with the real-time network streamer
  • Synchronization with third party devices now supported through the new MVN Sync Station for MVN Link and MVN Awinda Station for MVN Awinda
  • The LTC time code is now supported via a standard sound card
  • New installer for the Developer Toolkit, which includes the Real-Time Streaming protocol including new sample code and the MatLab examples
  • The complete licensing process has been improved with clearer messages and steps making it robust

Download MVN Studio (Pro) 4.1 Release Notes


Version details: MVN Studio (Pro) 4.0

Release highlights:

  • Support for new hardware; MVN Link and MVN Awinda
  • Height tracking e.g. stair climb
  • Increased update rates: 240Hz
  • Motion paths
  • New ‘Configure Session’ dialog
  • New ‘Hardware Status’ pane

Download release notes MVN Studio (Pro) 4.0


Version details: MVN Studio (Pro) 3.5.1

MVN Awinda and MVN BIOMECH Awinda with wireless trackers is supported.

Video Reference: Using VLC encoders the video reference data quality has greatly improved.

Movie export has been added meaning that the 3D viewport can be exported to file formats .AVI and .M4U.
Play and loop selection. It is now possible to play and replay a specific part of MVN data.
A new plugin for Unity 3D, which allows the animation of models using live MVN Studio data.
FBX has a new mode which will export data with a reference skeleton. This makes the importing of MVN data into software programs like MotionBuilder, Maya, Houdini and Unity much more straightforward.

Since multiple calibration steps appears to cause poor data quality, it is now only possible to do one basic (N or T) pose, unless specifically activated by the user (not recommended).
Advanced calibration steps (squat and hand touch) have been move to expert calibration – should only be used following advice from Xsens support.


Version details: MVN Studio 3.4.1

Bug Fix Release

Fixed MVN Easy Sync in installer
Double clicking .MNV file will open MVN Studio
Fixed functionality of trimming MVN files
Other minor bug fixes


Version details: MVN Studio 3.4

MVN Easy Sync:
MVN Studio PRO has been modified to allow easy synchronisation with third party devices, by means of the Awinda Station.
Start and stop recordings, using TTL 0-3.3V via the intuitive user interface.

MVN Tecnomatix Plugin:
MVN Studio PRO data can now be directly streamed to Siemens Jack (7.1) and Siemens Process Simulate Human (10.1)

NEW! – MVN Maya Live Plug-in 1.0:
MVN Maya Live Plug-in for Maya 2013

MVN MotionBuilder Live Plug-in 5.0
MVN MotionBuilder Live Plug-in now supports both MotionBuilder 2012 and 2013


Version details: MVN Studio 3.3

Improved Spine Model:
An improved spine model has been implemented to track the spine more precisely. This improvement especially makes a difference in motions when the spine is bent.

Improved Motion Capture Performance:
The motion capture performance has become more consistent since all Fusion Engine filters have been validated.

X-axis Definition:
Now you can define the direction of the x-axis by performing a ‘NosePointInit’. This allows you to align motions to the X-axis.

MVN SDK 3.3:
The MVN SDK features all the functions available in MVN Studio 3.3. More code examples have been added to make it even easier to integrate the MVN technology into your own application. Access to joint angles has also been added.

Hardware Dongle:
A hardware license dongle is available for MVN Studio and plug-ins. This allows you easily switch licenses between computers.

Download release notes MVNS 3.3


Version details: MVN Studio 3.1.5

  • Some of our clients have seen an effect we started calling ‘soft stepping’ it looked like the actor was walking on ‘crunchy snow’. This effect has been removed by changing our contact detection model in our fusion engine.
  • Some minor bug fixes


MotionGrid Module:
The ‘NosePointInit’ calibration step is more robust, the outcome is now constant.
Real-time performance is now very similar to the processed result.

MotionBuilder plug-in 2012:
This release supports Autodesk MotionBuilder 2012.

Supported platforms:
– MotionBuilder 2012 (win32)
– MotionBuilder 2012 (x64)
– MotionBuilder 2011 (win32)
– MotionBuilder 2011 (x64)


Version details: MVN Studio 3.1

  • Updated license model
  • Magnetic field mapper (MagField Mapper) has been added
  • Supports MVN MotionGrid software module (Pro)
  • Improved graph zooming (Pro)
  • Smoother reference video data (Pro)



Version details: MVN Studio 3.0

  • KiC, a filter making MVN immune from magnetic distortions present in the floor
  • Restyled GUI using the Qt programming environment, including orthogonal views
  • Center of Mass calculation can be displayed in 3D viewport



Version details: MVN Studio PRO 3.0

  • All MVN Studio 3.0 functionality
  • 3D Kinematic Graphs
  • Reference Camera, for recording and playback of synchronized video
  • Extended MVNX file format now includes sensor data, center of mass, and joint angles
  • Graphical display of joint axis coordinates
  • C3D export



Version details: MVN Studio 2.6

  • Multiple actor streaming:
    Real time streaming of multiple actors to third party applications, such as MotionBuilder
  • LXsolver:
    Laxity solver for more robust performance on the exporters i.e. .BVH, .FBX
  • Save and load calibrations


New Time code and Remote control plug-in:
Plug-in accepting external time code source and ability to remote control MVN Studio

Improved Motionbuilder Plugin:
Supports multiple actor streaming


Version details: Moven Studio 2.5

  • Support for sternum sensor, improves tracking of spine and shoulders
  • Prop sensor interface
  • Improved earth magnetic field immunity
  • Multi-person capturing on one PC
  • Added MVNX export to the batch exporter
  • Imperial units input
  • Improved contact-point editing interface
  • Live data-stream to multiple network addresses


Improved Motionbuilder Plugin:
One click setup
Improved data transfer; Higher output quality
Automatic character scaling
Support for MotionBuilder 2009

Moven SDK:
Moven Fusion Engine handles 3D position aiding input in real-time


Version details: Moven Studio 2.1

Better feedback quality (now four levels)
More accurate feedback on magnetic disturbance during calibration (color codes).

Improved contact point detection; more natural jumping and running movements (less ‘sticking to the ground’ and improved ‘landings’)
Improved ankle, toe and spine kinematics
Pose reset; brings character back to origin

Edit and export functions:
Edit two contact point segments simultaneously
128-step undo-redo system
Copy part of an MVN file and create a new MVN file
Batch export of complete file folders.


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