March 29, 2022

How to Secure Peak Athletic Performance


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Join us for Day 2 of our Sports Conference, 'How to Secure Peak Athletic Performance.'

This conference will explore the different methods in which sports technology can be applied to athletic training, injury risk mitigation, and overall club management. 

We are happy to feature speakers from industry-leading organizations such as WIMU, JOTA Sport, Firstbeat, Kinduct, and more, who will share insights about the sport technology space.

We hope that by showing the innovative combination of measuring and management tools, performance / strength coaches, athletic trainers, sports scientists, and others will discover new ways to improve athletic health and performance.

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March 29th

Welcome & Introduction

Rick Huiskamp Account Executive Health & Sport, Kinduct | Movella

Rick Huiskamp is an Account Executive for Health & Sports for the Europe region. He will welcome you and explain more about what to expect in our first Sports Conference.


Wearable Lactate Sensing in Real-Time

Maarten Gijssel Managing Partner

Defining training intensity is a challenge, even at the highest level. The dynamic monitoring of lactate while doing exercise is a key parameter for athletes and coaches to optimize training programs, define intensities, alert when over-exhaustion and thus avoid inefficient exercises.


Athlete Performance Monitoring Through EPTS Technology

Peter Demopoulos PhD, Sport Scientist, WIMU

The presentation will contextualize GPS/LPS technology to assess elite sport performance spanning from training, return to play, and competition; application of data analysis, visualization of data through customized dashboards and generating insight to drive data informed decisions. 


Physiological Performance Management in Team Sports

Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki Director of Sports Performance Products, Exercise Physiologist

Maintaining peak performance throughout a 60-100 game season is a big challenge in team sports. Managing the balance between physiological load and recovery helps to optimize and maximize performance potential. This session presents practical examples of how technology can help coaches with the process of performance management. 


Tech it or Leave it – Identifying the right Technology to Make Impact in High Performance Sport

Dr Philip Graham-Smith Head of Biomechanics and Innovation, Aspire Academy

In this session I will highlight a number of misconceptions about how and where technology fits into this process, and how data is utilized to inform practise. I will provide my personal decision-making criteria on the technologies I adopt and give examples of the work carried out, showing a transparent link to performance outcomes.


ComputerMyoGraphy: A Digital Revolution in Functional Performance Diagnostics in Sports

Prof. Dr. William Castro Co-Founder, Predimo GmbH

Do you want to optimize performance of your athlete in training and competition? Then ask for Myonardo: a 3D human musculoskeletal computer model, developed by Predimo, designed to analyze and optimize human movement sequences of any kind. Myonardo not only computes the mechanical loads and strains within the body during movement, it also analyses the contribution of each single muscle. Myonardo creates a comprehensive and user-friendly graphical representation of the results, as well as a clear summary of any individual movement pattern, all depending on your specific requirements. This whole procedure is called ComputerMyoGraphy.


iKinesis: A Running Motion Analysis Tool for Prevention and Performance

Frédéric Vieilledent Physical Therapist, MSD expert, Founder and CEO of Sóma

Developed by the Sóma company, iKinesis is an intelligent application connected to an Xsens Dot sensor. This technological combination allows for the analysis of the athlete's movement in 3D and in real-time in his environment. Affordable and intuitive, this data mining tool allows optimizing the gesture both for injury prevention and performance.


Optimize with a Tsunami of Data: Adaptivity and Individualization in Data Driven Optimal Training

Johan Rogestedt Data Scientist & Software Engineer, Svexa

Individual and adaptive algorithms are key to helping athletes achieve optimal performance. In my presentation, I will discuss how we at Svexa use many data streams, vast domain knowledge, and sophisticated data science to build accurate models and guidance tools.


Objectifying ACL Rehab and Return to Play with 3D Motion Capture Technology

Carmen van den Hoven Team Leader Solutions

In this session, Carmen van den Hoven will share show examples of how Xsens' motion capture system assists in the rehab and return-to-play protocols of an ACL injury.


Using Motion Analysis to Improve Pit Stop Performance ​

Cassie McColl Human Performance Specialist, Jota Sport

This presentation will explore keys areas of movement identified to improve pit stop performance in endurance mechanics. 



Rick Huiskamp Account Executive Health & Sport, Kinduct | Movella

Rick Huiskamp is an Account Executive for Health & Sports for the Europe region. He will welcome you and explain more about what to expect in our first Sports Conference.

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Account Executive Health & Sport

Rick Huiskamp is Account Executive for Health & Sports for the Europe region. He works at the Xsens office in Enschede.

Founder and Managing Director

Maarten Gijssel is an innovator entirely engaged and in tune with technology advancements in sports performance related contracted research, product development and data valorization, guiding sports entities in adopting a system approach with a strong focus on valorization.

PhD, Sport Scientist

Peter is a sport scientist working with WIMU, the wearable athlete tracking technology provider of elite teams around the world. His role entails company and product presentations, in addition to the provision of scientific support to clients. With data informed decisions at centre stage, WIMU strives to answer the most demanding sport performance questions. In an ever-changing sport environment, the WIMU ecosystem adapts to the challenges that arise.

Director of Sports Performance Products, Exercise Physiologist
Firstbeat Technologies Oy

Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki is in charge of Firstbeat’s work in the competitive sports arena with the world’s leading teams and athletes. He has over 10 years of experience in putting the physiological knowledge at play for coaches for making better coaching decisions in athlete development, performance optimization and injury prevention. He has studied exercise physiology at the University of Jyväskylä and has personal experience in competitive sports in international level.

Dr Philip
Head of Biomechanics and Innovation
Aspire Academy

Dr Philip Graham-Smith has had a long and established career as a biomechanist working in academia, professional sport and private industry. He is currently Head of Biomechanics and Innovation at Aspire Academy in Qatar and was formerly Head of Department and Associate Head of School for Business and Engagement at the University of Salford. Phil is a Fellow and accredited member of BASES, a Chartered Scientist, an ISPAS Level 5 Accredited Performance Analyst, and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). He provided biomechanical support to UK Athletics jumps squads for over 21 years prior to leaving for Qatar in 2013. In the 4 years leading to the London Olympics Phil was consultant Head of Biomechanics at the English Institute of Sport and was a consultant to the footwear company FitFlops from 2006 to 2013. Phil was also the co-founder of ForceDecks, a dual force platform system which has been adopted by over 500 high performances sport institutes and professional sports teams worldwide. Phil’s passion and purpose is to help athletes, coaches and support teams to apply biomechanical principles in a simple and practical way.

Predimo GmbH

Prof. Dr. William Castro is the Co-Founder of Predimo GmbH with more than 30 years working experience as a medical doctor (orthopedics).

Therapist, MSD expert, Founder and CEO

Frédéric Vieilledent is a French physical therapist who specialized in sport injuries, and Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

Data Scientist & Software Engineer

Johan Rogestedt has a Master’s degree in Engineering Physics from Chalmers, Gothenburg, and is a elite middle distance runner. He has been working in data science and software engineering at Svexa since February 2021, where he focuses on building individual, adaptive, and optimizing algorithms for elite and recreational sports and health. He is 12- times national champion in Sweden, currently holds two national records, and has participated at eight European Championships (10th best place).

van den Hoven
Team Leader Solutions

Carmen is a Technical Physician, working as Sr. Technical Application Specialist and Team lead in the Innovations & New Business department of Xsens | Movella. She has worked as a Technical Physician in an orthopeadic clinic (OCON) where she focussed on assessing sports specific rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction.

Human Performance Specialist

Cassie is the Human Performance Specialist at JOTA. She has worked in multiple high performance sport settings including Australian Rules Football (AFL), Australian Ballet School and many Olympic athletes. Her areas of passion are biomechanics, which has lead her to develop her unique systems of training mechanics to perform a pit stop in motorsport.