October 27, 2020

Reporting with Xsens

Agility & integration of Delsys EMG

About this webinar

Xsens is well known for delivering high-quality motion capture data and is the golden standard when it comes to IMU-based motion capture. We deliver highly validated data with +500 Universities using our systems on a daily basis. To make this technology more appealing for sport science, we are including the option to create finalized reports with the click of 1 mouse button.

In this presentation, we want to present an example of this by showing the agility report that we have developed. Next to that, we want to address the integration that we have made with EMG sensors. For this reason, Delsys EMG is joining the webinar to talk about the possibilities this offers. The golden standard of IMU-based motion capture and EMG are now combined, which offers you the possibility to have the best quality data in field conditions.


Felix Wolbert obtained his Master’s degree in Sports Technology from Aalborg University (DK) in 2017. He is currently already 3 years part of the Xsens family. He started as Product Specialist and is since 2 years active as Business Development Manager for the EMEA region within the field of Sports, Rehabilitation, Biomechanics, and Ergonomics.

Bart van Keimpema obtained his Masters degree in Human Movement Science from the VU Amsterdam (NED) in 2009, and started his career at the Dutch Olympic Committee in a program for Talent identification. His current role is Product Line Manager for Solutions & New Business. Bart is an Executive MBA Candidate at Rotterdam School of Management.



Brian Lewis is the Support Manager for Delsys and is located in the US. He has a strong background in Biomedical Engineering and had previous roles in sales, business development, and customer education. He has a wide experience in the field of EMG and is already active at Delsys for 6.5 years.