Join the Xsens Pubquiz


We miss you all, so let's meet up on Wednesday April 29th. Yes, that would be the time when we would all be travelling to the Ardennes.

But, we are not on our way to the Ardennes, so let's play!

The Xsens Pubquiz is for the whole family, but due to the many foreigners we will conduct it in English. This means the parents have to jump in and help. Other then that, let's have fun!

Pubquiz rounds

We will have multiple rounds with different subjects.

  1. Xsens
  2. The Netherlands
  3. Kids round
  4. Impossible round
  5. History
  6. General
  7. Music
  8. Pictures

How will this work?

  1. PVX host: We will start a Teams meeting "PVX Pubquiz" - you will get an invite for this
  2. You: join the Teams meeting
    Some rules:
    - No camera
    - Mute microphone
    - Everyone can login separately if you like
  3. PVX host: We will give an introduction and explanation
  4. You: download the Kahoot app
    - Go to:
    - Or download the mobile app (same page)
    - Use the pin we provide you
  5. PVX host: We will start quiz on Kahoot
  6. 8 rounds: Xsens, Netherlands, Kids, General, Music, Picture, History, Impossible (estimation),
    each round is a separate Kahoot quiz with 5 questions
  7. PVX host: We will start each next round
  8. PVX host: At the end, we will announces all winners

Enjoy the game!