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The Xsens MVN portfolio consists of full-body, wearable motion capture (Mocap) solutions. The new Xsens MVN is unmatched in ease-of-use, has robust and reliable hardware and produces production-ready data. Xsens MVN is the ideal tool for professional animators.


  • Production-ready motion capture data
  • Robust and reliable hardware
  • Ease of use


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The new Xsens MVN highlights

Production-ready mocap data

Ultra-small and robust tracker

Enables height tracking

On-body zippers for easy setup

High update rate

Complete product line

Long battery life

Portable system

Ready-made 3D software pipelines

Multi-person motion capture

Height TrackingXsens MVN


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Design highlights

Ultra-small trackers

Ultra-small trackers

The ultra small trackers allow for rolls and stunts. The trackers are designed to withstand high impact.


Sportive design

Sportive looking motion capture suit with accompanying shorts.


On-body zippers

The zippers give easy access to all trackers for a very fast setup.


The Xsens MVN product line has two hardware versions (MVN Link and MVN Awinda) with their own characteristics. The difference between the two versions is shown in this overview:

FeatureMVN AwindaMVN Link
VersionStrap-basedLycra suit
Trackers17 Wireless17 Wired
Accuracy Mocap dataProduction-readyProduction-ready
Setup time
Latency30 ms20 ms
Wireless data linkOne Awinda station
per actor
One Access Point
for Multiple actors
Battery management17 batteriesOne battery
Battery life6 h9.5 h
Wireless range Indoor/outdoor20/50 m (60/150 ft)50/150 m (150/450 ft)
On-body buffering10 s120 s
Internal update rate1000 Hz1000 Hz
Output rate60 Hz240 Hz
AccessibilityWearable straps,
Lycra suit, 5 sizes
Ideal for groups (education)

MVN Link vs MVN Awinda


MVN StudioMVN Studio is the software for motion capturing with Xsens MVN. MVN Studio features:

  • Easy and quick calibration
  • Real-time visualization
  • Playback and editing of motion capture data
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ready-made pipelines for Autodesk MotionBuilder®, 3ds Max®, Maya® Houdini, Cinema 4D and various others
  • Plug-ins for seamless real-time integration with, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Maya and Unity3D
  • Real-time integration in Unreal Engine via Ikinema LiveAction
  • Network Streamer compatible with CryEngine
  • MVN Remote App to start and stop recordings and for real-time visualization


Licenses for MVN Studio are available as yearly subscription or lifetime.
The software is available in two versions: MVN Studio and MVN Studio Pro.

FeatureMVN StudioMVN Studio Pro
Network Streamer (plug-ins)
Limited ConfigurationsAll
Limited ScenariosAll
Reference Camera support
Export as movie
Time code & remote control

Unity 3D - Xsens










MVN Studio details 15 days trial of MVN Studio Xsens Motion Capture Demo Files


O2 and Happy Finish produce immersive VR experience for Rugby fans
Wear the Rose experience
O2 and Happy Finish produce immersive VR experience for Rugby fans
Image Engine suits up for Independence Day and Final Fantasy with Xsens MVN
Image Engine
Independence Day: Resurgence & Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive
Swiftball, introducing a new soccer game
Introducing a new soccer game
Live Xsens motion capture for Shakespeare play
Shakespeare motion capture
Live Xsens motion capture for Shakespeare play
LawBreakers by Boss Key: Producing high level triple-A content with a very small team
Boss Key - LawBreakers
Producing high level triple-A content with a very small team


Xsens Myth BusterOculus Rift + Unity 3D + Xsens MVNMaking of Love Has No Labels


More videos at the Xsens YouTube channel


The Xsens MVN motion capture system is used for many films and games in the previs or production process. Some examples can be viewed here:

X-Men: Days of Future PastMotion Capture for Tomb RaiderMotion Capture for Ted
X-Men: Days of Future PastTomb RaiderTed


See more productions powered by Xsens MVN


Placing straps MVN AwindaPutting on Lycra suitSetup and calibration MVN Link
Tutorial 1Tutorial 2Tutorial 3


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Xsens Indie Program

The Xsens Indie Program is here to support inspiring up-and-coming talent. It provide indies, student teams, young studios and game devs with access to Xsens’ production-grade mocap technology at an entry-level budget.

If you qualify, you will receive a free Xsens software subscription for one year, and only need to cover the cost of the affordable Xsens mocap hardware, resulting in huge savings across the board.
Xsens Indie Program in short:

  • Studios invest in Xsens hardware
  • Free Xsens software for participants in the first year
  • Access to ongoing support via BASE community
  • Available to companies with turnover under ~750k (EUR/USD)
  • Only available in US, Canada and Europe

Apply for the Xsens Indie Program

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