MTw Development Kit (legacy product)

Wireless motion trackers set

Important: Read the End-of-Life notice

Development kit with wireless, highly accurate, small and lightweight 3D human motion trackers. Used in a body area network, this portable and unobtrusive wireless system is ideal for developing customized wearable solutions.

  • Completely wireless motion trackers
  • Sensor fusion algorithms ensure highly accurate, drift-free output
  • Fast click-in of MTw into the specially designed body straps


Important: End-of-Life

On October 29, 2015, Xsens has issued an End-of-Life (EoL) notice for the 1st generation of MTw products. Details on the EoL can be found in the End of Life Notice MTw 1st generation (PDF). Please refer to the new MTw Awinda for the 2nd generation MTw.


  • Completely wireless and lightweight trackers
  • Accurate output of 3D orientation and inertial data
  • Precise inter-tracker synchronization
  • Retransmission of data while suffering of wireless outages
  • Intuitive Windows software for real-time view, easy logging and export
  • SDK with example code facilitating real-time access to all levels of component data
  • Easy synchronization with other systems
  • Use anywhere: outside, in the office, no lab or simulated environment required
  • Fast click-in of MTw into the specially designed body straps
  • Ideal for research projects, product integration and Human-Robot Interaction


Design highlights


Click-in straps

The MTw trackers click easily into the special designed body straps. Ensuring minimal subject preparation time.


Blinking LED

The LED blinks in sync with the LED of the Awinda Master (Station or Dongle) giving the users the visual feedback that its synchronized.


No buttons

The MTw’s are operated without the use of buttons. While not using them, they will go into a power-saving sleep mode automatically


MTw setupThe MTw Development Kit includes

  • 1-32 MTw wireless motion trackers
  • 1 x Awinda station
  • 1 x Awinda USB dongle
  • 1 x Set of full-body click-in straps
  • MT Manager software and Software Development Kit
  • USB cable and power adapter
  • Suitcase

Physical properties MTw Motion Tracker

  • 27 grams
  • 34.5 x 57.8 x 14.5 mm (W x L x H)

Motion trackers orientation performance

Static accuracy (Roll/Pitch) < 0.5 deg
Static Accuracy < 1 deg
Dynamic Accuracy 2 deg RMS
Angular Resolution 0.05 deg

MTw Development Kit

Wireless communication range for Awinda Station (typical)

Outdoor 50 meters (164 ft.)
Indoor open space 50 meters (164 ft.)
Indoor office 20 meters (65 ft.)

Update rates

MTw internal sampling rate 1800 Hz.
Max MTw update rate depending on amount of MTw’s used, e.g.:
1 MTw 120 Hz.
6 Mtw 75 Hz.
12 MTw 50 Hz

Wireless communication range for Awinda Station (typical)

Outdoor 50 meters (164 ft.)
Indoor open space 50 meters (164 ft.)
Indoor office 20 meters (65 ft.)


Output Data

  • 3D Orientation (Euler, quaternions, rotation matrices)
  • 3D Acceleration
  • 3D Rate of turn
  • Awinda Station MTw3D Earth magnetic field
  • Static pressure


The Awinda Station is able to send or accept synchronization signals to sync with other data acquisition systems. The synchronization signals are fully configurable within MVN Studio Pro.

  • 2 BNC ports for sync-in (Slave mode)
  • 2 BNC ports for sync-out (Master mode)
  • Industry standard 3.3V TTL pulses



Xsens MT Software SuiteMT Software Suite

The MTw Development Kit includes the MT Software Suite containing:

MT Manager Software

An easy-to-use graphical user interface allowing real-time view of 3D orientation and sensor data, recording of data streamed from the MTw’s through the Awinda Station and export to ASCII files for further analysis.


Software Development Kit

The SDK gives direct and real-time access to the output of the MTw motion trackers, allowing users to configure and easily integrate the MTw’s in their own applications.

It includes drivers for various operating systems, documentation and various other useful tools. Communication is made easy with the Xsens Device API (XDA) which is completely in C-code. The MT SDK includes the following development tools:

  • C++ wrapper
  • Examples for C, C++ and Matlab.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows and Linux.
  • DLL for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
  • Extensive documentation on the MTw, the XBus protocol and the SDK (PDF and HTML)


More information and download of the MT Software Suite




Tried and tested synchronization of data acquisition systems with Xsens systems:

Xsens Synchronization with EMG Systems

Synchronizing with Noraxon EMG Link
Synchronizing with Cometa Wave EMG Link
Synchronizing with Delsys Trigno EMG Link

Xsens Synchronization with Pressure Mats

Synchronize with GAITRite Pressure Mat Link

Xsens Synchronization with Optical Systems

Synchronize with Vicon Link

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Journal Articles, Product: MTw
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Hamacher, D., Hamacher, D., Herold, F., & Schega, L.

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