First ever live animated DJ-performance by Skrillex

ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands, — October 17th 2011 Skrillex is the first DJ to perform real-time human-driven animation on stage. Xsens motion capture technology is adding an exciting new dimension to live performances.

During his captivating show, American DJ and electronic music producer Skrillex is wearing an Xsens MVN motion capture suit. Much to the crowd’s delight, all his movements are immediately projected on a screen behind him, where he appears in the shape of a huge animated alien.

The Xsens MVN motion capture system is an innovative new way to impress and interact with a live audience. This new technology is quickly gaining ground in the broadcast, live event and theme park industry. People all over the world are amazed when they see an animated character being driven by someone in real-time. It’s puppeteering 2.0! ‘This makes my live performance an amazing interactive experience’, says Skrillex (@skrillex) about his new show.

Skrillex’ performance is a striking example of the new trend to boost live performances with the latest technological innovations. The Asia Online Game Awards used the same Xsens motion capture technology during the live award show. The number of applications is growing along with the entertainment industry’s appreciation. We will soon see human driven animated characters giving live performances in theme parks.