Centimeter-accurate satellite positioning enters the mainstream as Xsens embeds RTK capability in latest commercial motion sensors

Xsens, the manufacturer of motion tracking modules, today announced that it has brought centimeter-accurate positioning capability within reach of a new generation of affordable commercial devices with the launch of new RTK-compatible motion trackers.

The RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) extension to conventional satellite positioning signals reduces the maximum positioning error from around ±1m in standard commercial GNSS receivers to typically ±2 cm. Companies developing innovative new products in non-military markets such as smart farming, autonomous vehicles, and coastal maritime equipment have been keen to take advantage of high-precision RTK capability to enable new applications and more automated functions.

Now Xsens has become the first mainstream manufacturer of motion tracker modules to support RTK functionality with the launch of the MTi-680G, a new product in its MTi 600-series. The MTi-680G, an integrated GNSS/Inertial Navigation System (INS) module, features an integrated RTK GNSS receiver, as well as providing synchronized 3D attitude (tilt, inclination) and heading outputs.

MTi-680G Mood

The new MTi-680G also features upgraded firmware which substantially accelerates the module’s internal signal processing compared to non-RTK modules. Synchronizing the global position coordinates with the module’s attitude, heading and velocity outputs, the MTi-680G can provide a comprehensive positioning and navigation output for any carrier device, including of devices such as drones that move at high speed, at a maximum output data rate of 400Hz.

The RTK-enabled module also offers other features which make it stand out from the competition:

  • Precise factory calibration of every production unit
  • High immunity to magnetic interference
  • Adaptive firmware operation to optimize performance in various types of scenario
  • Easy-to-use, free MT Software Suite developer tools to accelerate integration into end product designs
  • Out-of-the-box operation with Xsens’ popular MTi development kits

Boele de Bie, Xsens’ CEO, said: ‘Centimeter-accurate positioning at an affordable price for commercial applications – this is the promise of the new RTK-compatible MTi-680G product. From seed-sowing agricultural robots to autonomous cargo ships, a whole new generation of applications is now possible thanks to the centimeter-level accuracy of the MTi-680G’s position measurements.’

The MTi-680G product is available for sampling now. For sample requests, product specifications or more technical information, go to www.xsens.com/products/mti-600-series or email sales@xsens.com.


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