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Read here all about the compatibility of Xsens products with NVIDIA Drivers.

Xsens and our partner NVIDIA

The NVIDIA DRIVE platform delivers the high-performance, energy-efficient compute needed for self-driving cars to perceive and understand the world. Using Xsens’s industry-leading MEMS sensor-based MTi GNSS/INS, customers can combine inertial navigation data with NVIDIA’s edge platforms to achieve improved navigation for autonomous vehicles, robots, drones, or other applications.

MTi-G-710 and compatibility with NVIDIA DRIVE systems

Specifically, the Xsens MTi-G-710 is the GNSS/inertial sensor for the NVIDIA Drive Hyperion 7 Developer Kit, and is supported by the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform and the NVIDIA DRIVE Software right out-of-the-box, for autonomous driving development. The MTi-G-710 provides the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX with GNSS positions and raw IMU data. This data, combined with that from the vehicle CAN bus and perception sensors, support the critical functions of egomotion and localization. The MTi-G-710 is an important element for the safe and reliable operation of the autonomous vehicle.

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