Xsens UK User Meeting at the University of Central Lancashire

24 Apr 2013

On the 19th of April 2013, Xsens organized the Xsens UK User Meeting at the University of Central Lancashire, Department of Allied Health in Preston.

Professionals from different instituties in the UK (University College London, English Institute of Sport, Liverpool John Moores University and more) joined this event.

The goal of this meeting was to inform the attendees about the use of inertial sensors in Movement Science for different applications and to share hands-on tips and user-experience. During the meeting there were several presentations by Xsens’ customers:

  • Mr. Carson (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Dr. Western (University of Bristol)
  • Dr. Shippen (Coventry University)
  • Dr. Pfau (The Royal Veterinary College University)
  • Dr. Barton (Liverpool John Moores University)

> Xsens User Meeting agenda (pdf)

Xsens User Meeting UK

Xsens User Meeting UK

Xsens User Meeting UKXsens User Meeting UK
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Special thanks are dedicated to Dr. Richards and his staff who hosted the meeting and contributed to make this to a very successful event.

For more information about the Xsens UK User Meeting and the presentations, please contact Xsens on [email protected].


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