MVN Analyze 2020 advances sports science & research for human motion

We are proud to present the release of Xsens MVN Analyze 2020 – a significant update to its complete motion capture system, which adds next-level accuracy and improved usability for sports science, biomechanics, ergonomics and human motion research. MVN Analyze 2020 offers native EMG data integration, providing efficiency for EMG users, real-time graphs, and one file output. This update adds the ability to live-stream Xsens data into MATLAB to allow real-time visual feedback directly on-screen. Additionally, users now have access to precise positioning data from HTC VIVE for person and object positioning in any environment.

  • Live Stream MATLAB
    Users can now live-stream Xsens data into MATLAB and build their own data analysis tool using live kinematics data.

  • EMG data fully integrated
    Quickly see live EMG data in MVN Analyze. One output file which encapsulates full-body kinematics and EMG data is produced for ease. MVN Analyze supports industry-leading EMG manufacturers Delsys and Cometa.

  • Extended body dimensions
    The updated body dimensions details added to MVN Analyze give users improved positioning accuracy, meaning researchers can attain more precise data.

  • Precise positioning for objects and persons in any environment
    Embedded within the MVN Analyze engine, Xsens now tracks and processes the exact positioning of multiple persons with HTC VIVE. The same process can be applied to objects too. Once HTC VIVE trackers are attached to an object or prop – such as tools, boxes, or sporting equipment – the exact positioning and motion data can be tracked directly in relation to a subject in any environment.
  • Network Sync
    Using Network Sync, users can easily control and sync third-party devices – such as EMG and Forceplate hardware – in MVN Analyze. Not only can users start, stop, and record with just one click, MVN Analyze automatically aligns file names throughout all devices.

  • Remote On-Body Recording (rOBR)
    Using rOBR, it is now possible to track the body motion of an unlimited number of people simultaneously and in any environment. With just one click, you can track entire sports teams – the number of individuals recorded in a single space is now only limited by the number of suits you have available. Using the wireless data transfer and batch processing everything is processed more efficiently.
Webinar: Innovating sports and ergonomics with Xsens

We organized three webinars to demonstrated in-depth insights on MVN Analyze 2020 release. Watch the webinar to learn all about the possibilities with the new features in MVN Analyze 2020.

Available webinars:

Watch webinar on-demand (English)

Watch webinar on-demand (Bilingual English/Mandarin)


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Xsens MVN Analyze is optimized for research, sports science, ergonomics and rehabilitation, delivering validated data in heavily magnetically distorted environments. Please let us know how we can help you and we will be in touch.
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