Xsens MTi Replacement Offer

4 Dec 2014

After introducing the 4th generation Xsens MTi IMU, AHRS, VRU, GPS/INS in 2013, the 3rd generation MTi has reached it’s End Of Life in August 2014.

To take full advantage of the latest MTi technology we have an attractive replacement offer:

Return your old MTi or MTI-G and receive a brand new 4th generation MTi-30 AHRS Development Kit for only €990 ($1250).

What’s the catch? There is no catch!

  • Order before 31st December 2014
  • Send the old MTi or MTi-G back (the ones with the orange plastic casing or
    green PCB (OEM)) before 31st of January 2015
  • You will receive the new MTI-30 AHRS in February 2015


For more information, send an email with your full contact details and Device ID (serial number) to [email protected]. Or contact your personal sales contact.


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