Xsens helps out in-home animators with special offers

We've recently been thinking up ways to help our customers—existing and new—with resources to assist with working with mocap data from home.

Xsens MVN proved themselves as the go to solution for working everywhere, including at home.

This resulted in the launch our 'Mocap At Home' pack and promotion including materials and offers to help you get your in-home mocap studio up and running.

To get an in-home mocap studio up and running, we have these special offers:

  1. 20% discount for existing customers
    If you're looking to equip your remote team with extra suits, for a limited time you can purchase extra Xsens MVN hardware and software with a 20% discount.

  2. 3-month licenses for existing customers
    We are now offering three-months licenses instead of our regular one-year license.
    MVN Animate 3 months: 750 Eur/USD
    MVN Animate Pro 3 months: 1500 Eur/USD
    MVN Analyze 3 months: 2000 Eur/USD

  3. Discount 3-month licenses for new customers
    Looking to take Xsens into your studio? For a limited time you can purchase a 3-month license of MVN Animate for 750 EUR / Dollar and MVN Animate Pro for 1,500 EUR / Dollar, next to your Xsens hardware purchase.

This means you can gain access to a renowned Xsens MVN solution for a starting price of 7,950 EUR / Dollar!

To find out more about these offers and to request a quote:

Special Offers