Workshop on measurement of shoulder and elbow kinematics

25 Mar 2013

Mr. Andrea Giovanni Cutti, responsible for the Motion Analysis Laboratory at the INAIL Prostheses Centre (Budrio, Italy) and one of the most experts user of Xsens technology, will be giving an important workshop regarding the measurement of the shoulder and elbow kinematics at the 1st EMG SIAMOC Course on Upper Extremities. The course is organized by the Italian Society of Motion Analysis in Clinics Centre.

During the workshop, Mr. Cutti will share knowledge and experience regarding the use of inertial sensors for the functional evaluation of shoulder and elbow joints. In particular, the use of the Xsens Demonstrator (Shoulder Monitor) will be part of the lesson. The course will give an opportunity for the audience to see the Xsens Demonstrator in action when combined with EMG measurement. the synchronization capabilities of the MTw wireless motion tracker makes it possible to combine the Xsens Demonstrator and EMG.


Mr. Cutti ‘s scientific papers have recently appeared among the top 10 cited papers in biomedical engineering.

For a complete program click here.


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